Carousel™ Multi-Guitar Stand

Rotating Multi Guitar Stand
  • Stand up to 12 guitars in 3′ of space!
  • Revolving carousel base allows for easy access
  • View all guitars from all angles.
multi guitar stands

Guitar Case Storage Racks

Studio Guitar Case Rack
  • Storage racks for acoustic or electric guitar cases, or bass and banjo cases
  • Multiple sizes and wood finishes
  • Simple and fast assembly
guitar case racks

Multiple Guitar Stands

Wood Multiple Guitar Stand
  • Display and easily access your guitars, basses and banjos in this beautiful stand
  • Multiple sizes and wood finishes
  • Simple and fast assembly
guitar display racks

Mobile Multi Guitar Racks

Mobile Multi Guitar Rack
  • Holds 20+ guitars and cases, depending on sizes
  • Ideal for concert, jazz, stage bands or studios and home guitar collections
20 guitar rack details

Wall Mounted Guitar Hangers

Wall Mount Guitar Display Rack
  • Hangs and displays four guitars angularly, using a minimal amount space on your wall
  • Includes mounting hardware
wall mount guitar hangers

Ukulele & Mandolin Hangers

Ukulele and Mandolin Wall Hangers
  • Hangs and displays four ukuleles and mandolins, using a minimal amount of wall space
  • Includes mounting hardware
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Our guitar storage racks, stands, and wall mounts make the perfect birthday, Valentine’s Day, Fathers’ Day, anniversary or Christmas gift for any guitar collector. See our other instrument storage solutions for schools, bands and orchestras at