Multiple Guitar Stands

Our beautiful and space-saving multiple guitar stands, are high quality, American-made, sturdy, easy to assemble, and accommodate electrics and acoustics, basses and banjos too. The RetroRack™ Deluxe is a 3 Guitar Stand. The Session™ can stand 5 or 7 guitars. And the Carousel™ fits 6 or 12 guitars in only three feet of space! Need even more? Our BandRoom™ Mobile Guitar Stands can hold 20 or more guitars! Store and showcase your prized guitars, while adding a beautiful and practical furniture piece to your home or music recording studio. They’ll make your floor space clear, your walls scuff-free, your spouse happy, and your friends jealous :)

The Carousel™
Multi Guitar Stand

Carousel™ Rotating Multiple Guitar Stand
  • The Carousel™ Deluxe Multi Guitar Stand holds 6 guitars. The optional upper Expansion Tier holds 6 more. Store 12 guitars in only 3 feet of space!
  • Revolving base allows for easy access. View all guitars from all angles.
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RetroRack™ Deluxe
3-Guitar Stand

3 Guitar Stand
  • Available in 3 high-gloss retro colors.
  • Sexy curved sides.
  • Three-dimensional pickguard.

Session™ DELUXE
Multiple Guitar Stand

Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stand
  • Available in 5 or 7 guitar capacities.
  • Available in Walnut Finish or Red Oak.
  • Features imported herringbone inlaid edging.
  • Easily assembled in minutes.
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Multiple Guitar Stand

Session™ Multiple Guitar Stand
  • Available in 5 or 7 guitar capacities.
  • Simulated Cherry wood grain finished sides with hardwood rails.
  • Easily assembled in minutes.
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Multi-Guitar Stands

Mobile Multi Guitar Rack
  • Holds 20+ guitars and cases, depending on sizes.
  • Ideal for concert, jazz, stage bands or studios and home guitar collections.