12 String Blues

yamaha 12 string guitar

A few years ago I inherited a 12 string guitar. Not just any old 12 string, but a 1973 Yamaha FG230 red label. It needed some work to get it back to 100% playability but I did not have the $$ at the time to do it, so I put it in the case and slid it under the bed in the guest room and started saving, and sort of ignored/forgot about it.

My wife was cleaning one day, found the case and put it in the ATTIC! A new England attic is not a fun place for a guitar. Down to about 40 degrees in winter, about 100 in the summer, and when I went looking for and found the guitar, I had 3 frets that had popped, the soundboard had warped, and the neck had bowed. Now it’s going to cost $600 to fix a $600 guitar, and I’m going to do it simply because it sounds magnificent.

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