4 Acoustic Guitar Fingerboard Cleaning Tips

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The maintenance you would perform on the body of your acoustic guitar is generally different from the cleaning method you’d use on its fingerboard. Here’s 5 tips to help:

1. Use Guitar Manufacturer Cleaning Products
If you’re looking for guitar manufacturer products which are better to use for this, Dunlop, Fender, Gibson, and Dean Markley, to name a few, produce great conditioners and cleaners for your fingerboard.

2. Try Using 0000-grade Steel Wool
In addition to using the cleaner, you can use a 0000-grade steel wool pad to remove grime and underlying build-up on your frets. To avoid scratching, lightly rub the steel wool in the same direction as the wood grain.

3. Try Using Planet Waves’ Fret Polishing System
Planet Waves’ Fret Polishing System uses five sheets of polishing paper and protective templates to prevent scratching on the wooden components of the fingerboard.

4. Try Using Oils
Most guitar manufacturers also produce lemon or mineral oil which is great to use as a finishing touch to your cleaning. While using oils on your guitar may be rewarding at the moment, excessive use over time may cause applications longer to dry, and can even attract dust and dirt, which is what you’re trying to avoid. The use of oils should be used, at the most twice a year, but a once a year oil treatment is more than effective.