bear damages guitar

Our band had a Wednesday night gig at a country dance hall called the Sugarloaf lounge. The reason it was on a Wednesday, was the main entertainment was Siberian grizzly wrestling with the local good ole boys. The trainer had a 400 lb bear on a collar and log chain for a leash. We just had to play a couple sets & then we could leave. I decided to stay as we were the house band & wanted to be sure nothing bad happened. Something did! The bear wore a muzzle so as not to bite the rednecks.

The last dude was about 6’4″ around 300 lbs. He made the bear mad when he tried to pull his legs out from under him & the bear took the redneck & pushed him into the stage where they both fell on my equipment. They fell through my keyboards smashing the stands, knocked my guitar amp off its stand & knocked my ’71 telecaster to the floor. Luckily my Tele only required a jack. That was a bad night!

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