Bee 3 Philly Vintage Guitar Convention Review

Philly Expo Center
Philly Expo Center
Bee 3 Vintage Guitar Summer Convention

We just returned from the Summer Bee 3 Vintage Guitar Convention in Philly and figured we’d share with you some of the highlights.

The show took place at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, just outside Valley Forge. Guitar Storage’s offices are located just outside Philly so it was a big plus for us to not have to travel far. The show was very well run and the organizers did a great job of making sure all the vendors kept their volume to a reasonable decibel level. At other guitar shows, often times the guitar dealers and amp dealers and effects dealers have to out-compete each other to have their sounds heard by the customers in their booth, and the noise level becomes overwhelming. But Bee 3 did a good job of staying on top of everyone.

our booth
Guitar Storage booth featuring the new Carousel™ Deluxe Multi Guitar Stand

This was the first show where we exhibited our new Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand. We were very pleased with all the positive feedback it received. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to fine tune it so it was rewarding to hear customers’ positive reviews of the guitar stand. It’s pretty much the only product out there that allows a someone to display 12 guitars in the space of 36″. And everyone recognized how beneficial it is to consolidate their collection and save some additional space in the living room, studio or basement or man-cave, rather than have guitars spread out all over the place.

Danny Gold
Danny Gold makes a cameo!

A local celebrity stopped by our booth, Danny Gold from Danny’s Guitar Shop in Narberth, PA. Danny does local radio and tv shows about… guitars!!!

There were a few axes that really caught our eye and the Guitar Storage staff was itching to go home with, like this Rickenbacker Anniversary series model from the Pick of the Ricks booth:

from Pick of the Ricks booth
Rickenbacker Anniversary Series guitar from Pick of the Ricks booth

Or this Neptune engraved guitar from the Warrior Guitars booth:

Neptune engraving
Warrior Guitars engraving

And then you had the super duper expensive guitars. The second most expensive guitar we saw was this 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar from Jim’s Guitars of York, PA that was selling for $140,000:

Les Paul Standard gold top
$140,000 for this 1960 Gibson Les Paul!!!

And in first place was this 1941 Martin D-45 pre-war guitar going for $165,000!!!

Martin D-45 pre war guitar
This 1941 Martin Guitar D-45 was going for $165,000!!!

Finally, let’s not forget to give a shout out to some of the cool people we met like Sean from Local Music Gear. Another Sean from Sean Maine Guitar Gear Reviews, Eric from Abalone Vintage Guitars, amongst others.