Fender Guitar Booth at NAMM 2012 Music Merchandise Show

Sea Foam Green Tellys
Custom Shop Telecasters in Sea Foam Green with Bigsby’s

The Fender Guitar booth at the 2012 NAMM Music Merchandise show was a sight to behold. They had row after row of Custom Shop Guitars on display there. You had to be careful to step over the pools of drool on the floor while looking at them.

There was a beautiful array of row after row of Telecasters with Bigsby Tremelo Bars in various shades of cool Sea Foam Green.These were all built to order for various clients by different luthiers in the Custom Shop

Jeweled Fender Stratocaster

One of the Strats had 161 diamonds and 117 other jewels. “Abby” hand wound pick ups were custom engraved. There were also 55’ of Rose Gold wire, hand hammered for good measure. I’ll bet it sounded like a million bucks too. We obviously couldn’t try that one.

There was an eye-catching Telly done in a bold hip art style.

There was a beautiful Japanese theme-ed Fender Stratocaster built by John Cruz. The body is Koa with a beautiful hand-tooled leather inset done by Dru Whitefeather.In addition, there is gorgeous inlay work done on the fretboard as well as the headstock.The pick ups are JC (John Cruz) Limited. This is one of two that will be made so if you’re shopping…..

Bold Telly
Bold Hip Art Style Telly
Custom Shop Stratocaster
Hand-tooled Leather topped Stratocaster