NAMM 2012 – Reverend Guitars and Rick Vito

Rick Vito at Reverend Guitars
Rick Vito at Reverend Guitars
Rick Vito, happy to get a box of Tastycakes

One of the best “treats” (for us and for him-Ha!) was delivering a box of Philadelphia favorite, Tastycakes to Philly native Rick Vito. We saw a Rick at the Reverend Guitar Booth where he is a sponsored artist. Rick is an extraordinary guitar player who most recently toured as guitar player and frontman in The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, a reprisal of the original Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. He did an outstanding job, filling some large shoes. He had helped us out with a guitar part from that show and we owed him some Philadelphia Food in payment and were happy to pay that debt.

reverend charger Guitar
My Reverend Charger with P90s

One more thing; aside from meeting Rick Vito it was a great pleasure to visit the Reverend booth. I must give them an unsolicited plug. I own a Reverend Charger and it is the favorite guitar in my collection, and that includes Telecasters, Stratocasters, Harmony’s and Epiphones. It’s so well made and has great great tone. Considering the price, it’s almost shocking how good they are.I rarely see people selling theirs.

Dusenberg NAMM Booth
Dusenberg Guitars and Lap Steel

The Dusenberg Booth had some nice guitars including a beautiful Lap Steel. The only thing that was missing was Mike Campbell