Scenes from Day 2 of NAMM 2013

NAMM Sound Police
YouTube video

We went to check out the new line of Risson guitar amplifiers, especially the new Marvell AP40. We struck gold. The amps sounded great and demo-ing them was none other than Al Perkins, the great guitar player and steel player who played with Manassas, Flying Burrito Brothers, Mike Nesmith and many others.

Al played through the AP40 with his Gibson SG guitar and the amp provided plenty of British Crunch tone. Then he brought his lap steel guitar and treated us to a solo rendition of Clapton’s Crossroads, plus Sleepwalk and a few others. The amp lent itself to the cleaner sweeter tones that he got with the lap steel just as well.

NAMM 2013 Sound Police

Unfortunately, the Risson Booth got stuck in the Drum Room. You could barely hear him over the cacophony of drums. We were shocked and annoyed when the Sound Patrol stopped by and scanned him and gave him the thumbs down when they should have given him thumbs up.