Broken Hearted

As a child my husband always wanted to play the guitar. When he was in grade school about 7 or 8 years old he signed up for music class.

During class one day, his music teacher said to him “son, do you play any sports?” My husband replied, yes I play baseball. The teacher then said, stick with the bat son! This story breaks my heart as teachers should be there to encourage their students and instead this one crushed this little boys dream to play the guitar.

Fast Forward 40+ years. At 50 years old, after going to see Joe Bonamassa in concert one evening my husband shared his desire to play a guitar, my response to him was then do it. Which is exactly what he decided to, the search for a guitar and lessons began!

After searching high and low, he found/purchased a beautiful Les Paul and started taking lessons. He added a few others to his inventory but this Les Paul is his favorite and most treasured guitar.

broken guitar neck

One Monday, I come home from work I was surprised to see his car in the driveway as Monday is the day he has his private lessons. I walk into the house, quiet, I go upstairs and there is my husband in bed crying so hard like he’s lost his best friend. Long story short, he was practicing before he went to his lesson, he bent down to open the case and put his guitar away, somehow the guitar came off the strap, hit the ground just right and split the neck about 15 inches.

Lesson learned and moral to this story is to always use locking guitar straps, which we have since purchased for ALL of his guitars.

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