Don’t try this at home!

damaged guitar

On New Years Eve (about 1974-5?), I found myself home alone, watching a replay of Deep Purple at California Jam, and took particular interest of course, in watching Mr. Blackmore’s shenanigans as he strangled and stomped his Strat. It was when I observed him balancing his guitar, headstock down, in the palm of his hand, that a rather dim light-bulb must have went off over my head. “How hard can that be..?” I think you see where this is going here.

I grabbed my Harmony 335 knockoff, and before you could say “Rat Bat Blue”, gravity worked it’s magic and my only guitar lay on the floor, the headstock just barely hanging, attached by only the fret board. A little Elmer’s and some wood clamps later, and the guitar was again in one piece, but it was never the same.

The upside was, within a few months I upgraded to a sunburst ’73 Les Paul Deluxe, and no, I never tried the balancing trick with her… Yet!

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