Those Darn Cats

It was 1972. I had 14 guitars. Both acoustic and electric. My oldest one was a 1969 Fender Mustang. My newest was a 1971 Martin 000-18. I hardly played the Mustang but I did on this day. The Martin I always kept in the case opened and easy to access. This was in my bedroom in my parents house. We had 2 cats that loved snuggling in the cases.


I was with my girlfriend and as we got into making out my attention strayed from my guitars. As we were passionately kissing, a loud crash and the sound of guitar strings and wood scratching distracted us. One cat wanted to get into the acoustic guitar case and kept on pushing it with her nose at the neck until she was able to push the entire guitar out. As the Martin was violently strewn from it’s case, it crashed into the Mustang that was leaning on the wall. The Mustang fell down punching a hole and splitting the wood on the face of the Martin. The cats took offs and I didn’t see them for days. The Martin was fixed thankfully to a great luthier.

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