Cat Fight

cat damaged guitar

I will never forget what happened to my treasured ’63 ES 335. In 1973 I and my cat moved into my then girlfriend (now wife) and her cat’s apartment. As is normal with cats they did not trust each other. They hissed and arched their backs in the beginning. They mostly chased each around with wild their claws digging into the carpet. They liked a cat like game of hide and seek where one cat would scare the other.

My 335 was on an inexpensive stand in the living room when the 2 cats got into one of their games. They were both frantically chasing and scaring each other when one of the cats bashed into my 335 on it’s stand and the guitar came crashing down on it’s headstock. I was home and I heard the sound of my axe hitting the ground. The disgusting, distinguished sound of a guitar neck cracking and the strings twanging wildly. The cats became best friends as they were found huddling together in the bathtub.

The great Carlo Greco in NYC was able to repair my guitar, dare I say to better than it was. Both of the cats were petrified of the sound of any guitar.

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