Father’s Day Guitar Storage Sale

Studio Guitar Case Rack

We’ve heard it all… “I’m tired of my husband’s guitar cases falling over and scuffing the walls.” And “My girlfriend wanted to buy this rack so she wouldn’t trip over my guitars at night going to the bathroom.” And of course “Organize your guitars or sell them!”

Over the years we’ve sold many guitar storage products to women. Some are female musicians, vintage guitar collectors and general guitar aficionados. But many women buy racks gifts for husbands or boyfriends. It could be a birthday present or anniversary present

or a Father’s Day gift or Valentines Day surprise. Often times women just purchase a guitar rack to keep the house the house organized rather than for the guitar player in the house.

The feedback we hear is always the same: “He just loves the rack and I want to thank you guys for helping me keep the house in order.” We certainly aim to please and are pleased to have so many women as our customers.

So this Father’s Day, consider getting dad a gift that mom will love too!

Father’s Day Is Coming Soon!

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