Happy Birthday George Harrison! And now we can play from your guitar collection!

Gretsch Guitar
George Harrison and his Gretsch Duo-Jet

Happy birthday to George Harrison! Although you no longer grace our presence, you remain relevant and people can’t get enough of your wonderful songs… and guitar licks. It seems there’s a new George Harrison iPad app that Dhani Harrison is helping to develop that will give iPad owners a shot at (virutally) playing guitars from George Harrison’s collection. The thought of getting my virtual hands on George’s Rickenbacker 360 12 string and playing the opening lines of the Beatles’ “You Can’t Do That” or “Ticket to Ride” would be a dream come true. Would also love to use the app to tangle with George’s Gretcsh Duo-jet and try the opening riff to “I Saw Her Standing There”.

Rickenbacker 360
George Harrison and his Rickenbacker 12 string

Obviously, this would be an impossibility without today’s technology. Imagine the millions of people who are, in effect, going to get their hands on those great guitars. You have to appreciate Dhani’s spirit of sharing for he knows the rest of us would love to get to mess around with some of the guitars in his father’s collection, and he’s found a way to do it.

I guess it’s time I break down and get an iPad. Happy Birthday George!