Gibson SG – Crushed

broken gibson sg guitar

It’s been Years since I had an SG, I remember it was huge fun to play. A few months back my wife and I got T-Boned by a hit and run driver here in Fla. Spent some months in a coma while she and my son wheeled in and out to “take care of me”. She used to tend bar and I used to emcee and play with bands in the club. Quit school to play in a band, the draft ended that. I started looking for one on Craigslist and Ebay and finally found one after months of searching. My thoughts were Maybe I can still play a lil Blues and make her smile the way I used to be able to. THAT would make me happy!!

It arrived via UPS in the squashed box, head cracked off at the neck. A Gibson SG “Crushed finish” was not what I expected. Many Props to Brian Goff’s Bizarre Guitars in Madison Wisconsin who made the Instant refund… and I shipped the poor girl back. Here I sit still waiting to find an SG… that would keep my miserable acoustics company and make my Dean Markley amp happy to have something plugged into it after all these years of dormantly sitting by my bedside chair.

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