Hurricane Ike

Guitar Collection Damage

It all started in 1976 when I got my first acoustic I played hard for a year, learned all my chords and several scales. Christmas 1976 I got my first electric a 72 telecaster and a fender 65 princeton amp…I played on them until 78 then I got a strat for my birthday.. Over the years I collected a Gibson Les Paul Custom, a Standard, two Gretsch’s, three Dean’s and finally three Ibanez guitars.

Over the years gathered up enough gear to start a small home recording studio I moved to Galveston Texas and set up shop. September 13, 2008 my worst dreams happened when hurricane Ike ripped through the southern gulf states with a mighty force. The house where I lived was ripped in half and drifted out to see in thousands of pieces.. Most of my hopes and dreams with it…

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