How To Safely Ship Guitars

shipping guitars
shipping guitars

If you’re traveling long distance to a gig, or moving homes, or taking your guitar on vacation, follow these simple tips to safely ship your guitar.

Reduce tension on the guitar’s neck by loosening up the strings a bit. Then place folded newspaper (or even better, print free/acid free paper) between the strings and the fretboard to keep the strings stable. Make sure all other parts are immobilized as well. And carefully bubble wrap the headstock.

Once the guitar is in its case, fill any areas around the guitar (including under the neck and headstock) to make sure the guitar cannot move within the case.

Put a bit of packing material in the bottom of the shipping box before you slip the guitar case in, then fill in all of the voids. The case should not move within the box if you shake it.

Tape the box securely at every opening with strong packing tape.

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