How To Lose The Best Guitar In The World

Fender Strat Guitar Neck with Telecaster Sticker
The original Stratocaster neck which I had removed and replaced from the lost guitar before it became roadkill.

Once upon a time, around 1965, my brother and I played a job in Palatka, Fl. Afterwards, we stopped on the westside of Jacksonville to offload our drummer, pushing the magic button that lets down the back window of our 1961 Ford station wagon…and forgetting to push the magic button to raise it back up. We stopped to pay toll on the old Fuller Warren Bridge and gave it the gas to drive off into the dark. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something slide right out that back window and onto the dark expressway. I hoped it was our panic kit; but it turned out to be my very first guitar–a 1954 Fender Stratocaster…gone forever, when some nice person stopped and sped off with it before we could back up. How’s that for Guit-Horror?

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