The breaking of my first Martin D28

I had finely become financially able to afford a really good instrument after years of playing an inexpensive house guitar. I was so proud of my new Martin D28 guitar. I would go anywhere I was invited, to show it off.

A week after I acquired it I went to a jam at an old community center that was constructed of cinder block walls. I had the only good guitar there. The people were looking and holding it like it was a new baby.

One of the older people droped it and busted the side the guitar. I was so hurt I really could not speak. The people there were all making excuses for the guy that droped it saying if it was such a good guitar as I claimed it would have withstood the collision with the floor.

I realized the only friend I had in that room was my martin Guitar. I sent it to Martin Guitar company. For repairs that I paid out of my pocket. The cost was $800 in 1991. Martin has a lifetime warrenty against damage due to workmanship. They are not expected to repair it for my negligence.

Since that time I am very selective of the groups I jam with. I still play that D28 every Friday night at a local fire station.

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