Midnight Madness

Years ago I owned a Retail Music Store specializing in quality guitars. One early September Monday I scheduled a “Midnight Madness Sale” starting at 9 PM. Just prior to the sale; a major rainstorm occurred. As I watched the pouring rain; I noticed numerous wet areas on my suspended ceiling tiles throughout the store. I had constructed eaves with cedar shingles mounted to the walls with fluorescent light fixtures concealed to illuminate the beautiful displayed guitars. Quickly, large amounts of rain water was covering the eaves and shorting out the light fixtures, creating sparks.

Now, rain water is running all over the displayed guitars! The water running through the toxic building materials and asbestos ceiling tiles was creating an immediate chemical reaction with the various finishes of the guitars displayed and changing the finish colors in front of your eyes! Many very unique colors were created that night! Most of all my guitars were in immediate danger of being ruined; and I could not save all of them.

The fire and police department helped me remove the contents of my store into a vacant store in the plaza I was located, away from harm. The police later determined someone was up on the roof, probably the day before with an ax chopping holes in the roof looking for soft spots to enter and burglarize the store. I was very thankful my insurance covered all the damage to the guitars and building.

I no longer have the retail music store. However, I do have a very nice, well insured guitar collection. I am very reluctant to display my guitars for viewing though. I would truly appreciate winning this guitar case rack because the only way I comfortably display my guitar collection is with all of them in their hard shell cases. Thank you for the opportunity to win this guitar case rack.

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