My Girlfriend’s First Guitar

nylon string guitar

In May 2012, My girlfriend got her first guitar. It was a nylon-string guitar and i just got her new strings for it so I could teach her to play after we spent the weekend at my family reunion. When we got back we found her guitar smashed in by a mad roommate with a hammer and my blue les paul was gone. He sold my guitar and smashed hers cause he was mad that she was going to kick him out for not paying rent. So after that day he was kicked out and i lost 2 guitars and my girlfriend has lost all interest in playing guitar. So now I was upset and I’ve entered thousands of contests to win her a guitar but losing contest after contest. I gave up and got her one as a Christmas gift. i plan on playing it to her and prepossessing at the same time so it would be great to get a case for it as well to protect the guitar from anyone.

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