Not safe in the case

My daughter is a very talented musician, but a bit of a slob. She was asked to lead the “Praise” band for the youth group at church and, as a supporting father, I let her use my Gibson SJ.

To say her room is messy would be a gross understatement and coming in late from rehearsal and thinking the guitar would be fine since it was in a typical hard case, she laid the guitar down in the floor among her normal clutter of shoes, backpacks, books and boots. Her mother tried to bring in some clean laundry without turning on a light and attempted the obstacle course so as not to wake anyone. Well, my wife didn’t make it three steps in before she tripped over a pair of cowgirl boots and stuck her knee through the exposed side of the case into the top of my pride and joy.

Since the repair job, the guitar sounds close to normal but looks like a garden tiller re-arranged the wood face. To say there might be a benefit to a top-notch case rack would be right on the money!!!!

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