Like a doggy hangin’ out the window

My Pawn Shop Guitar

A few years ago I picked up a previously owned Taylor acoustic (not the top top end, but still a Taylor) from a local pawn shop. It was a beauty, blonde top with lots of beautiful woodgrain, a custom pickguard and mother of pearl tuners. The thing was a work of art really, not your run-of-the-mill picker. I fell in love with this sick acoustic and planned on keeping it til i’m dead.

Well, death came sooner than I had hoped.

One sunny day driving with a couple of my buds, we were heading to an open mic at a local pub. I had been there numerous times before, and everybody loved my Taylor as much as i did. We would be pickin’ and grinnin’ to the wee hours of the morning. It was a blast.

Today was different. Not a happy day at all. Reason is I thought it would be a good idea to goof around a bit. I leaned out the window of the van we were driving and stuck the guitar outside the window to play. Everything was going fine until we hit a large pothole. The bump pinched my hand between the guitar and the van door, and the Taylor went flying out the window.

Wouldn’t have been so bad if an 18-wheeler wasn’t in back of us. The driver of the truck didn’t even hesitate. My Taylor fell right in the path of his front tire and was made a pancake right before my eyes.

Toothpick city.

I was able to recover what was left. Open mic night sucked, that night. But people were amused when they heard the story. Though it brings back sad memories for me, hopefully you were amused by this, too.

The rack will protect my collection…even from stupidity =)

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