7 Gifts any Guy Who’s a Guitarist Will Go Crazy For

man playing guitar
man playing guitar

Is there a man in your life who plays guitar? If so, then you know how addictive the lure of the instrument can be. Once he starts playing, he won’t want to stop. Perhaps he serenades you with his melodies. Maybe he writes his own songs. The guitar is a symbol of freedom and allows him to connect with others in a way that nothing else can. At a party, he’s instantly the center of attention when he pulls out his axe and starts playing.

If you want to show him you care and support his passion for the 6 string, then here are some amazing gift ideas that he’s bound to love:

1. Jerry Garcia Ties

Jerry Garcia ties are a must-have present for any guitar lover. Garcia was a founding member of the Grateful Dead and is best known as the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist. He was also an artist who attended the San Francisco Art Institute. His unique artwork lives on through his tie collection. Each tie is made of 100 percent silk and features Garcia’s abstract paintings. These ties are perfect for men who want to express their unique personality and love of guitars in a professional environment.

jerry garcia ties

2. John Varvatos Gear

Guitar players will love the John Varvatos lifestyle collection. Varvatos is an award-winning designer of American men’s clothing whose brand connects the craftsmanship of yesterday with the rock ‘n’ roll style of today. Varvatos’ designs are inspired by music, which can be seen throughout the pieces of his lifestyle collection. His ad campaigns feature legendary musicians and guitarists, including Peter Frampton and David Navarro. From belts to bags, from footwear to watches, from T-shirts to sport coats, you will find the perfect gift for your man in the John Varvatos collection.

mens clothing

3. Guitar Shop Tees

At Guitar Shop Tees, you will find the perfect T-shirt to celebrate your man’s love of guitars while celebrating the independent guitar store. Each T-shirt is designed by a different guitar shop to share the experience and love of guitars with like-minded folks. A subscription to Guitar Shop Tees is the perfect present for the man in your life. Each month, he will receive a package with a unique T-shirt designed by an independent guitar shop. Also included in the package are special offers for each subscriber. Each package is personal and put together with the recipient in mind. Give your man a gift he’ll treasure from Guitar Shop Tees.

guitar t shirts

4. Cigar Box Kit

Does your man enjoy building things and working with his hands? Then he will love receiving this cigar box guitar kit sold on Etsy. The cigar box guitar is a homemade instrument which uses a cigar box as the body of the guitar. Building and playing a cigar box guitar is like stepping back in time. These instruments were popular in the mid-1800s. A cigar box guitar kit contains everything he needs to build his own guitar, including the cigar box, the neck, the strings, and all the hardware. Cigar box guitars are easy to put together and do not require expensive or specialty tools. This cigar box guitar kit comes with all the holes already drilled and an online tutorial.

cigar box kit

5. Jimi Hendrix Boxer Shorts

Jimi Hendrix boxers are the perfect gift for the guitar lover in your life. Jimi Hendrix is one of the most popular guitarists of all time. While his career spanned only four years, his influence has been profound, and he is still one of the most influential and most imitated guitar players who ever lived. He pioneered new music styles and paved the way for new music genres to exist. He pushed boundaries and transcended the barriers of race, becoming the first ever rock star. He was known for his guitar feats, including playing his guitar upside down and setting his guitar on fire. These Jimi Hendrix boxers on Amazon depict Hendrix playing a flaming guitar, one of his best known guitar feats.

boxer shorts

6. Vinyl Decor

While MP3s remain the most popular way to listen to music today, vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years. But these records aren’t just for listening; they also make great home décor items. The man in your life will enjoy showing how much he loves music by decorating his man cave with them. Use old vinyl records as coasters or as wall art. Repurposing old vinyl records has the added benefit of helping the environment. Find the perfect gift at Vinylshop.us, where they have everything from wall clocks to wall art to vinyl records sold in bulk. And if they don’t have what you want in stock, they will create a customized present for your man based on his preferences.


7. Guitar Furniture

Your man needs a place to store his guitars while also bringing a fresh look to his man cave. Look no further than right here at Guitarstorage.com. From acoustic guitar stands to wheeled carts to wall mounts, you’ll find the perfect furniture piece to complete any room style.