My Biggest Fan!

Paul Reed Smith

I was busy playing my PRS Custom 22 in my office where I keep my guitars and a couple of amps. The guitar and digitizers are in my office closet and the amps are under the credenza next to my desk! I was having a great time playing some bluesy up-tempo stuff and was working up a real sweat!

I had been sitting down in my office chair and when I finished my practicing I stood up and lifted the guitar off my shoulders in order to get the strap off and at that very moment as I lifted the PRS, I accidentally held it too high and the head stock and neck were hit by the metal blades of my office ceiling fan! Needless to say I went nuts and was furious! As I checked out the PRS I noticed some small chunks taken out of the base of the neck of this beautiful instrument. Thank God the guitar wasn’t damaged too bad and still played great but it taught me a lesson and today I never turn on my ceiling fan if I’m going to play guitar in my office!

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