Guitar Shelf Rack Reviews

Our guitar and case shelf racks are the best! Blah blah blah blah blah. Of course WE think that! But don’t take our word for it. Checkout all these testimonials from shoppers who couldn’t agree more.

“I’ve been very happy with my previous purchase. Now the larger collection needs more storage space. Thanks.” – Larry H. (Virginia)

The rack is perfect! Thank you!” – Dan D. (Music Teacher – California)

“We couldn’t be happier with the whole outcome of how well the guitar and case shelf rack went together and how it looks and does a great job of showcasing the collection. Another bonus is it’s on wheels! – Karen W.

Guitar Shelf Reviews

“I knew it would be a big hit. I’m glad I found out about you and you were so accommodating. There is something to be said about going through people who put their time, energy, and heart into their product.” – Stacey R (Music Teacher – Manassas, VA)

“The rack arrived last week and we had it assembled the very next day. It is great. I like the fact that the guitars fit so well, it rolls easily and it goes through doorways with space to spare. Thank you for a functional piece of equipment.” – Anonymous

“I think the Guitar Racks are great. I’m putting in a request to my district to get the 2 more we need!” – Dawn (Music Teacher)

“…the racks are great… They are just what I was looking for. Easy to put together. Nice and sturdy. They have really helped clean up the room.” – Chris (Music Teacher)

“Great product… allows me to postpone the G.A.S. treatment 😉 … great product, great packaging… Nice dealing with you.” – Bob C.

“I ordered a guitar storage unit last spring. It is now put together and beautiful! Thanks so much! I fit 31 guitars on it! They are mostly 3/4 size.” – Jayne W. (Music Teacher – Ohio)