Brand: Boveda

Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Kit for Guitar Cases

Adds AND removes moisture inside your guitar case.


Brand: Boveda

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If you take your acoustic guitar seriously, then you need to seriously take care of your instrument’s delicate wood components. Little else will cause greater damage to your prized instruments than storing them in an environment where the temperature and humidity greatly fluctuate.

And unless you’re Mother Nature herself, controlling the humidity is no easy task. Fortunately there’s an alternate solution – the Boveda 2 Way Humidity Control Kit. These ingenious packets will both add or remove moisture to the environment inside your acoustic guitar case – whichever dynamic is necessary to achieve an optimal RH level between 45-55% inside the closed case.

How can it possibly do both? Well, the packet has several components. They’re one part natural salts. And one part specially prepared saturated solution of pure water. This saturated solution is contained within a water-vapor permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane.

Just grab two unwrapped Boveda packets, place each inside it’s own leak-resistant pouch (included), and drape one of them over the strings, with the ends falling into the sound hole. And the other should be nestled just underneath the headstock near where it meets the fretboard. IMPORTANT – For use in cases, do NOT use the packets without the pouch holders. Then carefully shut the guitar case, making sure not to crush the packets, and let the 2-way system do it’s magic!

Q: Why is this system better than the 1-way options on the market?
A: The reason this method is superior is that with 1-way humidification, as the water evaporates the humidity levels will nosedise. That sudden and drastic change can wreak havoc on your delicate instrument.
Q: How long will the packets last?
A: In the display cabinet, it can vary based on the climate of the room. In a guitar case, usually it’s 2 to 6 months, but that’s based on the quality of the case, the climate, season of the year, and other factors. Regardless, you will know the packet needs replacing when it becomes rigid.
Q: Can different RH level packets be used inside the same guitar case.
A: That’s not a good idea because the two different packets will compete against each other and therefore reduce their efficiency.
Q: Will it work in soft cases or gig bags?
A: Not really because soft cases and gig bags are not sealed nearly as well as a hard case. Instead, they’re made from materials that let a lot of air in, which will significantly reduce the lifespan of the packets.
Q: How about wooden cases?
A: It’s not going to work well because wood is a porous material.

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