Guitar String Cleaners & Lubricants

Guitar string cleaners and lubricants help keep your instruments looking and sounding their best. Search our selection of products below.

  • LubriKit Friction Remover

    LubriKit, by D'Addario's Planet Waves, is an ideal lubricant for friction points, including the nut and string saddles, on guitars and other stringed instruments. Just a drop of LubriKit removes the friction so you can play in tune and enjoy the natural sounds of your fine instrument. LubriKit comes in a syringe style applicator along with two swabs for easy access into tight spaces. Just put a drop of LubriKit in each nut slot and string saddle. Your strings will glide effortlessly, preventing friction that can cause strings to bind and go out of tune. LubriKit can also be used for all contact points with floating bridges and string height adjustment screws. This great product drastically improves tuning stability, reduces broken strings, reduces early wearing at the bridge and the nut, and increases sustain and overall performance.

  • XLR8 String Lubricant/Cleaner

    This guitar string lubricant/cleaner, from D'Addario's Planet Waves, lubricates and cleans your strings for faster playing and longer life. Simply wipe the easy-to-use applicator along your strings and enjoy the smooth feel of the strings which allows you to play faster while also experiencing less finger noise and enhanced tone. Packaged in an airtight metal tin that will prevent XLR8 from drying out prematurely, the XLR8 is the fast and easy string lubricant and cleaner. XLR8 also cleans your strings for prolonged life and fresh string tone. The XLR8 will also condition the fretboard as you play.