Sad Story with a Silver(tone) Lining

silvertone guitar

It was 1964, and I was a 13-year-old folkie. I lived and breathed folk music: PP&M, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, Joan Baez. I was a singer but could not sing my beloved songs because I had no guitar. So that year for Christmas, to my great joy I received a Silvertone Classical guitar–$ 29.95 at the local Sears and Roebucks store. I quickly figured out how to string my wonderful instrument, but my joyful Christmas suddenly turned to horror when I tightened the strings: my guitar snapped in half at the neck! My heart was truly broken; I cried and cried. I just knew that my folk life was over.

But, although we didn’t have much money, mom came through for me. We took the guitar back to the store and upgraded to the $ 59.95 model. Over the years it has been beat to heck, but has survived admirably. I have it still.

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