Press Release for Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar Rack

Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar Rack

Guitar players and collectors have a new solution to safely store their high-end guitars while keeping them easily accessible. The new Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar Rack enables guitarists and collectors to store up to 20 or more guitars and/or cases in an attractive and durable double-deck rack that is useful and attractive in any environment., a subsidiary of A&S Crafted Products, announces the release of its new Session-Pro Double-Stack Mobile Guitar Rack. The rack’s design is based on the company’s extremely successful Band Room™ Double-Stack Guitar Rack and is designed with durability and instrument protection in mind. Among its many benefits, the rack eliminates scuffed walls and cluttered floors, and enables players to quickly access any one of their guitars or cases while preventing the accidental toppling of others. Improving upon the Band Room Double-Stack design, the Session-Pro is available with either case rails, guitar rails, or a combination set of each. The Session-Pro’s double-brace design enables it to support with ease even the heaviest of solid body guitars and with its modified rail layout, the Session-Pro can hold rectangular cases on either the top or bottom tier, making the rack completely versatile. The rack’s guitar rails feature nitrocellulose-safe felt at every contact point to help protect the finish on valuable instruments. Moreover, specially designed cradles on the guitar rails keep the guitars stationary and stable while the rack is on the move. The case rails include a pick-shaped wooden stop to help keep guitar cases upright and easily accessible. Included with the rack are the Session-Pro’s heavy-duty casters which enable the rack to be easily pushed over any flooring surface. With birch hardwood rails, black high-pressure laminate sides and chrome-tone trim, the rack projects that sleek studio look that many guitarists and aficionados seek and enjoy.

Founded in 2003, A&S Crafted Products manufactures high quality musical instrument storage solutions for both the consumer and scholastic markets. Mike Schwartz, one of the product designers and co-owner of the company, states “The Session-Pro Double-Stack was developed as a new-and-improved version of our Band Room Rack. We’ve sold the Band Room Rack to customers all over the world and have listened to their suggestions and desires for even more features. We collected the information, added features from our own wish list and are proud to now offer an all-purpose, high-end yet affordable storage solution for virtually any guitarist who owns more than just 7 or 8 guitars.”

The Session-Pro Double-Stack is made of birch hardwood rails and black high-pressure laminate sides. It’s available in 3 models:

  • Session-Pro Double-Stack Mobile Guitar Rack (Model SPDG) – Capacity of 20 guitars, MSRP: $1,273. Retail Price: $989
  • Session-Pro Double-Stack Mobile Guitar Case Rack (Model SPDC) – Capacity of 20+ cases (depending on size), MSRP: $1,182. Retail Price: $919
  • Session-Pro Double-Stack Mobile Guitar and Case Rack (Model SPDGC) – Capacity of 10 guitars and 10+ cases (depending on size), MSRP: $1,234. Retail Price: $959

For more information and photos visit the product page here.