A Good Deed Punished

Fender Bass Guitar

The bass player’s parents didn’t want him playing rock and roll. This was the bass player in my high school garage band. We were getting gigs around the city and things were going great for our band, but it was hard for the bass player to sneak out for shows. So I came up with a plan. I’d save up my meager pay from working in the produce section of Krogers and buy him a bass he could keep at my house. That way he could sneak out and leave his bass at home and play with his new bass at our rehearsals and gigs without his parents knowing. I saved up for months and got the other band members to chip in. We bought him a lovely white Mexican Fender Jazz Bass and presented it to him for Christmas. At the first gig, it got stolen from the green room backstage. We were all devastated. We couldn’t afford to buy another one. He quit the band. The new bass player’s parents didn’t mind him playing rock and roll.

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