And it was gone

stolen guitar gear

August 7, 1998 – It was my son’s 13th birthday. He was a huge Greaseman fan. On the morning of his birthday, I took off and took him to the radio station to see the show live. At 10, when everything was done, we headed back to the house. I was supposed to play a warm up for a national act at a local club and had all my gear in the back of my Toyota 4X4. It had a cap and the windows were blacked out so you couldn’t see what was inside. We stopped at a local mall for lunch and to let him spend birthday money. Locked everything up and went in.

Came out about an hour or so later and could not find the truck. After going through a “search” with mall security, finally submitted the police report. In the truck: 1996 PRS Standard, 1959 Fender Strat, 1980s Guild thinline acoustic, Mesa Boogie DC-5 head, JBL 2X10 cabinet, ART SGX2000 rack unit and multiple other things. Placed a claim with my insurance; it was denied. Took them to court; they won. Got nada for the truck or the gear. I did manage to get the Strat back in 2001, but that’s another story.

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