We were on our way to a party we were going to play at, and some of the equipment was in the back of the pick-up truck I was riding in. Well the party was out in the ‘boonies’, and the road’s were not that great, and we hit a bump, (more like a crater!), and my Stratocaster went flying out of the back of the truck into the field on the side of the road. It was dusk, and you could hardly see, but we finally found it about 60-80 feet from the road, a big crack in one side of the case, (my heart went into my stomach!). We opened the tailgate of the pick-up, and put the broken case on it, and I slowly opened it with 1/2 an eye looking… well, the case took a lickin’, but the Strat kept kicking’! Everybody was amazed, there wasn’t a scratch on my Strat! And the band played on that night!! Though it took awhile for me to stop shakin’!!!

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