Falling, Falling, Snap

1984 815c Taylor Guitar

My 1984 Taylor 815C, purchased new directly from Taylor Guitars, had made it through hundreds of bar gigs. It survived being strapped to the back of a mule while crossing a lagoon in Mexico, while I waded along behind and watched the water approaching within two inches of the case.

On a 1995 Sunday afternoon in the high desert of southwest Texas, however, it could not ride out the turbulence of a severely inebriated woman. In its leather gig bag, it leaned against a sofa, following a jam session. Behind me came the woman, holding a drink, shouting unintelligible inanities. She stumbled, she wavered, but gravity had its way and the way was directly onto my Taylor. I heard the neck snap as she fell across it and could not bear to unzip the case and survey the damage until returning home. End game: Taylor installed a new neck and it still plays beautifully. The lesson: use hard cases, especially around those unable to manage their… ah, their beverages.

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