Press Release for RetroRack™ 3 Guitar Stand

Press Release: June 15, 2015

Guitarists and collectors always want their guitars properly protected, yet proudly displayed and easily accessible. The new RetroRack™ 3-Guitar Stand is a new and unique addition to a line of products that has been offering to solve this problem. This new stand is a beautiful and unique storage solution that solves guitar storage needs inside a home or music studio. It enables guitarists and bassists to store up to three of their instruments of virtually any size and shape, side-by-side on one beautiful display/storage stand, which has a cool vintage vibe.

3 Guitar Stand, a subsidiary of A&S Crafted Products, announces the release of its new RetroRack™ 3-Guitar Stand. The RetroRack™ has the motif of some of the most popular solid-body guitars, such as Fender® Stratocasters and Telecasters. With sexy curved sides, classic glossy colors, and a three-dimensional simulated pickguard embellishment, this stand represents the guitars that people love to play and admire. The RetroRack™ 3-Guitar Stand is an ideal storage solution that enables players to organize and safeguard their collections in a compact, beautiful, colorful, and classy guitar stand that can help to avoid the clutter of flimsy and unattractive individual stands. Just as importantly, it visually blends in perfectly with the guitars that influenced its design, although it can hold virtually any guitar – storing acoustics, archtops, and semi-hollows!

The furniture-quality RetroRack™ 3-Guitar Stand has three felt-lined cutouts to support the necks, as well as felt at all other guitar contact points, to safeguard the guitars and avoid scratching, while keeping the instruments quickly and easily accessible in a den, living room, or studio. It comes in Retro Green, Retro Red, and Retro Black. The stand’s open-bottom design prevents contact of the end strap button with any material or hard surface. The RetroRack™ 3-Guitar Stand’s solid hardwood construction and ergonomic design provide superior protection for guitars to be displayed and stored out of their cases while keeping the floors of rooms and studios clear and organized.

Founded in 2003, A&S Crafted Products manufactures high-quality wood storage solutions for guitarists and guitar collectors. Bob Amada, the company’s Global Sales Director, states “With the continued success and ever-growing worldwide sales of our guitar and guitar case racks and stands, we wanted to do something unique by appealing specifically to guitarists who are avid solid-body guitar enthusiasts and who wanted a multiple-guitar stand that is compact, unique, sexy, and gives the look and feel of the guitars that they love to play and showcase. With our new painting processes and technology, we are able to produce stands that feature high-gloss, vibrant colors in a durable finish that one would see on a vintage solid-body – and we even included the pickguard! We polled many customers to identify the most popular and appealing colors and we listened to their preferences. Keeping our customers’ requests in mind, we merged many of our ideas to design and offer the RetroRack 3-Guitar Stand. With our varied product offering of multiple guitar stands, we’re proud that we can continue to branch out in ways that offer high-quality, attractive products that appeal to every guitarist and collector.”

The RetroRack™ 3-Guitar Stand is 24” wide, 35½” high, 22½” deep.

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