The Iconic Guitar Collection of Mark Knofler for Sale: A Treasure for Collectors

Mark Knofler holding a guitar. Photo by Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images

Photo Credit: Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images) Portrait of British Rock musician Mark Knopfler, of the group Dire Straits, as he poses with his guitar, New York, New York, 1980. (Photo by Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images

In a move that has stirred the hearts of music enthusiasts and collectors alike, Mark Knopfler, the legendary frontman of Dire Straits, has announced the sale of his revered guitar collection. This news opens an exciting chapter for collectors, marking an opportunity to own a piece of music history.

Who is Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler, best known as the lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter of Dire Straits, has been a defining figure in rock music since the late 1970s. His unique fingerstyle guitar playing and his narrative songwriting have earned him worldwide acclaim, making him one of the most respected guitarists of his generation.

concert crowd
As one of the biggest acts of the mid-80s, Dire Straits was a key act in the Live Aid charity concert series in 1985.

The Guitars Mark Knopfler Typically Played

Knofler’s sound has been shaped by various guitar models, but he is most closely associated with the Fender Stratocaster. His preference for its distinctive tone has been a significant part of Dire Straits’ sonic identity, with Knopfler’s playing style being a hallmark of their music.

The Collection: Guitars Up for Auction

The collection for sale includes several of Knopfler’s prized guitars, each with its own story and place in music history. These guitars have not only been a part of Knopfler’s musical journey but have also seen the creation of some of the most iconic songs in rock music.

Reasons for the Sale

The auction, aimed at supporting charitable causes, reflects Knopfler’s long-standing commitment to giving back. While the sale signifies a letting go of physical pieces of his musical legacy, it also represents his desire to support broader community initiatives.

Recent Notable Guitar Collection Sales

In recent years, the trend of legendary musicians selling their collections has captured the attention of the music world. David Gilmour’s 2019 auction, where he raised a staggering $21.5 million for climate change, set a new standard for such sales. Bob Dylan’s famous Stratocaster also made headlines when it fetched an impressive sum, speaking to the guitar’s historical significance. Adding to this illustrious list, Eric Clapton’s 2004 auction, which included his iconic “Blackie” Stratocaster, raised funds for his Crossroads Centre, showing the power of music in supporting charitable causes. Similarly, the sale of Jerry Garcia’s “Wolf” guitar in 2017 for over $3 million demonstrated the deep emotional connection fans and collectors have with the instruments of their musical heroes. Each of these auctions not only created buzz but also offered unique opportunities for fans and collectors to own a piece of musical history.

Potential Buyers for Knopfler’s Collection

Knofler’s collection is likely to attract a diverse range of buyers, from die-hard Dire Straits fans to serious collectors who suffer from guitar acquisition syndrome. The uniqueness of each piece makes the collection especially appealing to those who value both musical history and the art of guitar craftsmanship.

Insurance for High-Value Guitar Collections

For a collection of this stature, insurance is crucial. It protects the financial investment and preserves the collection’s legacy, offering peace of mind to the collector who values both the historical and monetary worth of these instruments.

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For instruments of this value, whoever the winning bidders are will be well-served to take out an insurance policy on their newly acquired collectibles.

Is It Worth Buying Instruments from a Collection Like This?

Investing in Knopfler’s collection is not just a financial decision; it’s a foray into owning a slice of music history. While the monetary value is significant, the sentimental and historical value of such a collection often transcends price, making it a worthwhile investment for those who resonate with its story.


The upcoming auction of Mark Knopfler’s esteemed guitar collection presents a rare opportunity for collectors and music enthusiasts alike to own a piece of rock history. Each instrument in this collection not only carries the legacy of Knopfler’s remarkable career with Dire Straits but also embodies a unique story in the annals of music. As the guitar world buzzes with anticipation, this event highlights the enduring allure and significance of iconic musical instruments. The sale promises to be a landmark moment, offering both a glimpse into Knopfler’s musical journey and a chance to preserve a piece of it for future generations.