Guitar Case Storage Racks

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Guitar Case Storage Racks For Acoustics & Electrics

Are guitar cases strewn all over your house? Or cluttering up your closets? Or leaning against your walls and scuffing them up? Or maybe your music studio is too crowded for your band-mates to set down their gear?

We’ve got just the solution for you – our beautiful wood guitar case storage racks will stand your cases upright and hold them securely in place. These beauties will fit both your hardshell cases and gig bags too. They’re the best around – designed by and for guitar players, and manufactured by skilled AMERICAN craftsmen who are passionate about building you exceptional products.

And they’re not just practical – they’re also elegant furniture pieces that’ll make your floor space clear, your spouse happy, and your friends jealous.

And if you’re a searching for a great Fathers Day gift for a guitarist, you’ll be sure to hit a home run with any one of these high quality presents.

Organize your collection and beautify your music room with our case stands and shelf racks.


“love the new Studio Case Stand”“Just a note to say…love the new Studio Case Stand. It–pretty much single handedly– turned a room into which people walked and said, ‘So…this is your storage room?’ into ‘Oh–so this is your MUSIC room!’ Thanks.” – Lew H. (Tennessee)

“looked great on the website, but when they arrived, they looked even better”“The Guitar Racks afforded my guitars more protection, resulting in less guitar adjustments in the future. And as a bonus, the Racks look great! I knew the Guitar Racks looked great on the website, but when they arrived, they looked even better. Thank you for one fantastic product!” – David

“great product at a good price”“It went together without a hitch – assembly was simple and straightforward. It’s just what I needed, too: in my price range, fast delivery and plenty of space for my guitar and bass cases. It’s rare, but always a gas, when a company turns out a great product at a good price. And your storage cases fit the description! Thanks.” – Russ (Ohio)

“an excellent value”“I’ve purchased 2 sets of storage racks for my acoustics from your company and they are an excellent valuefor the money.” – Acoustic Guitar Forum Poster

“very high quality”“Received the rack on Friday and put it together yesterday. It is very high quality and well worth the price.” – Mark W.

“prompt and friendly assistance”“Thanks for your prompt and friendly assistance with this. Its my husband’s birthday soon and I do not know who is going to be happier – him for the unique rack or me for the tidy garage!” – Jodhi R. – Jodhi R.

“makes my studio absolutely awesome totally satisfied “”“Gentlemen: It was nice talking to you at the Greater Philadelphia Guitar Show yesterday. As I indicated to you, I purchased three of the guitar case racks from you in 2010. I am a guitar collector. One case holds 8 Les Pauls, one case holds 8 Fender Telecasters, and the other holds 6 Martin Acoustics. Not only are your racks very well made, but they are also a good looking piece of furniture. I am able to display a portion of my collection (although cased), which makes my studio absolutely awesome. I wanted to write and tell you how totally satisfied I am with your product and that the racks are certainly worth the money! Keep up the good work.” – John T.

“Great product”“The rack is beautiful… I love it. Thank you so much. Great product you guys have!” – Rebecca

“Outstanding product”“Outstanding product. Easy to assemble.” – Dennis B.

“such a fine product”“Just wanted to let you know that I received the product (small economy guitar rack) within six days of order confirmation. The product was well packed upon delivery. It is so well engineered that the instructions are almost unnecessary – I was able to intuitively assemble it (by myself) in about 15 minutes. Every piece fits snuggly and sits level on the floor. Oh, and thanks for packing a “baker’s dozen” set of hardware (almost unheard of these days). Thanks again for producing such a fine product!” – Randy P. (Texas)

“fit great in the space”“The rack came and was very easy to put together by one person. It fit great in the space I had for it. Now wife is not complaining of having cases all over the house. Thanks again.” – Tom

“The neat look made my wife happy too!”“I LOVE it! It looks really nice and was well worth the investment. The neat look made my wife happy too!” – Acoustic Guitar Forum Poster

“Absolutely great product”“What a great rack. I was able to put 6 acoustic guitars in their cases on the rack… Very easy to assemble and it looks great. I like the herringbone trim, I have a couple of Martins. Thank-you Sir. Absolutely great product, just what I was looking for. P.S. I have 12 guitars so I may need another one sometime. Hahahahahahahaha. Thanks again.” – Eric (Canada)

“the best in quality and classiness that I have seen and I’m pretty picky”“I already did some research on your product and have seen your web-site including the customer photos. Your product is the best in quality and classiness that I have seen and I’m pretty picky when it comes to buying things… just like I am with my guitars. I wanted a nice looking piece of furniture that I could use to store my guitars, while in their cases.” – Anonymous E-mail Submission

“great idea”“Guitar Case Rack assembled and working: now I don’t have 9 cases scattered in the room… Thanks guys, great idea!!!” – Max M. (Italy)

“I’m very pleased”“I received the rack last week… it is all now assembled in my music-room… I’m very pleased with it – it’s just what I needed to safely store all my guitar cases – and thank you also for your great communication throughout the purchase process.” – James R. (United Kingdom)

“it’s perfect for my needs”“I’m really happy with my guitar case stand… it’s perfect for my needs.” – Jose (Mexico City)

“My wife is especially happy”“It went together easily and it is very stable even on carpet. Glad I bought the standard model size. My wife is especially happy that my guitar cases are no longer stored in the coat closet and strewn over the floor. Thank you for a great product and your assistance!” – Jerry A.

“It is so nice I think I am going to order another”“It came today and it is outstanding, very well made and easy to put together (even a guitar player can put it together). It is so nice I think I am going to order another one. I have 7 guitars in this one and I still have another 6 in cases that I would like to get up off the floor. Thanks again for the great service.” – Ron (Maryland)

“rack is beautiful”“What I found was that the rack is beautiful, my cases aren’t!” – Steven D. (New Jersey)

“the gift I wanted ““Just wanted to thank you for the great service! The guitar rack arrived on June 7th–my husband’s birthday! He set it up this past weekend and it is housing 7 guitar cases!… We can now walk in the room again! … Again, thanks for helping me get the gift I wanted for him (in time) at the last minute!!… it is an attractive piece that would look fine in any room and its great that all the guitars are in one spot close at hand to be used.” – Nancy (Massachusetts)

“very pleased with it”“I purchased a walnut guitar case rack last June and am very pleased with it… Thanks.” – Grant (Milwaukee, OR)

“totally satisfied a piece of fine furniture”“I am totally satisfied with both the product and support I received. I consider the guitar rack a piece of fine furniture and its design was so well thought out. I could not believe how close to the wall I was able to place the unit with the guitar (including a base guitar) cases angled just right as to not mar the wall. My wife also agrees that your guitar rack solves the ongoing issue of where to put all the guitars in their cases. If anyone out there is a guitar collector, the price of this unit is a modest investment in the overall scheme of things.” – Paul (New Jersey)

“we are delighted”“The rack arrived safely and is now happily installed. It was really easy to put together and we are delighted.” – Helena