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Welcome to! We truly understand that your guitars are so much more than just instruments. They’re cherished companions on your musical journey, partners in creativity, and treasured pieces that reflect your personal story. We’re excited to expose you to an incredible range of guitar case storage options.

Created by and for guitar collectors, each product has been painstakingly designed to meet your specific requirements and offer the greatest standard of protection.

We’re here to give your instruments a place where they can be easily accessible and protected from harm.

Guitar Case Storage: A Necessity Beyond Measure

You may think it’s enough to just put your guitar in its case and call it a day. Not so much. Just resting your case against the wall still puts your instrument at risk if the case were to get knocked over and jostle the instrument inside. Guitars have delicate parts, like the neck, body, and strings, which are easily broken if not properly protected. A guitar case storage rack can act as a physical defense against possible harm from collisions, falls, and other mishaps.

So the cases themselves really need a proper home.

hardshell guitar case leaning against a wall, next to stool with a plant on it
Storing your guitars in their cases is just step-one towards creating a safe-space for your prized instruments.

Discover Guitar Case Storage Solutions for Ultimate Protection

Why take a chance on scuffs, dents, and damage? Our modern (American-Made) guitar case storage solutions are designed to keep your instruments, and their cases, safe. Whether you’re a casual player or serious vintage guitar collector, our products provide the ultimate in ease and safety, ensuring that your instruments remain in tip-top condition AND enhance the decor of your music room or studio. From high-capacity storage shelves to elegantly functional guitar case floor racks, our premier range of storage solutions can accommodate your electrics and acoustics, even basses and banjos too.

Introducing the Guitar Case Storage Rack Lineup

We’re are pleased to present our extensive selection of guitar case storage racks, each painstakingly designed to fit a variety of guitars and settings:

  1. The Studio™ Standard Guitar Case Stand – A Blend of Form and Functionality

    The Studio Standard Guitar Case Rack next to a modern couch, lamp and coffee table

    This stylish stand is made to securely store your guitar cases and is perfect for home studios and tiny areas. Its simplistic design ensures quick access to your collection while blending perfectly with any surroundings.

    This stylish stand serves as more than simply a place to store your guitar cases. The Studio™ Standard is an indispensable addition to home music studios and living rooms alike because it was designed with both aesthetics and utility in mind. In addition to adding a sense of elegance, its simplistic design makes it easy to retrieve your precious guitar cases whenever inspiration strikes.

    The Studio’s sturdy design cradles each case securely, eliminating any unintended dents or scratches because protecting your collection is of the utmost importance. Add some sophistication to your storage strategy with the Studio Standard stand for your guitar cases.

  2. The Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Case Stand – A Blend of Form and Functionality

    The Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack next to a red couch, glass coffee table, and wood cabinet

    Introducing the Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Case Storage Rack, the epitome of the ideal marriage of fashion and use. As this rack proudly shows your guitar cases, turning them into an impressive exhibit, elevating your storage to a higher level.

    This rack’s aura of elegance and fine materials make it a beautiful addition to any room’s decor. It is a refuge for collectors looking for the best storage option, with multiple models skillfully constructed to fit different guitar case sizes. Allow your prized instruments to take center stage while radiating an unrivaled air of luxury. Like all our products, it is made from high-quality materials by USA craftsmen.

  3. Expand Your Storage Options with the Versatile VersaRack™

    Hybrid and case-only versions of the Versarack, placed against a white background

    Introducing the VersaRack, a unique addition to our lineup that offers an innovative solution for both guitar and case storage. While primarily celebrated as a cheap multi guitar case rack, the VersaRack’s design allows it to serve dual purposes. The case-only version can hold up to 6 cases at a time. There’s also 3-guitar rail add-on that converts the Versa to hybrid version that holds 3 and 3 – making it an exceptional value for any musician or studio looking to maximize space efficiently.

    Explore this budget-friendly option to enhance your instrument storage setup, combining practicality with the elegance expected from our trusted brand.

  4. The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Guitar Case Shelf Rack: Mobility Redefined

    The Session Pro Shelf Rack in a blue recording studio, next to a desk and couch.

    Want to increase storage without sacrificing mobility? Your solution is our Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Rack. Move and organize your guitar cases with ease thanks to its inventive design, which combines practicality and space effectiveness. For those who desire the freedom to rearrange their guitar collection without the trouble of hard lifting, this rack is ideal.

    The Double-Stack offers you a whole new level of storage adaptability. This rack redefines ease and was created to fit the active lifestyles of musicians and collectors. Enjoy the ability to reorganize your guitar collection with ease and move it from room-to-room as opposed to other fixed storage solutions. This rack makes sure your collection is safe, easily accessible, and flexible enough to meet your changing needs.

  5. The Band Room Double-Stack™ Guitar Case Shelf Rack: For Practical Classroom Storage of Lightweight Instruments

    The Band Room Doublestack Shelf Rack, in the corner of a music classroom, holding lightweight guitar cases

    This rack was made with school music bands and classrooms in mind and is designed for substantial storage of lightweight guitars. This solution makes sure that all your students’ instruments are housed in a secure and convenient location.

    The Band Room Double-Stack Guitar Case Shelf Rack stands firm as a dependable keeper of up to 20 (lightweight) guitar cases. This rack offers a safe and orderly home for your instruments, boosting convenience without sacrificing quality.

Tailored Solutions for Electric and Acoustic Guitars

We recognize that the guitars in your collection may be of different sorts, each with unique requirements. For this reason, we provide specialized acoustic and electric guitar storage options:

Electric Guitar Case Storage Racks: Where Style Meets Protection

Our electric guitar case storage racks are tailored to the particular dimensions of electric guitar cases and were created with efficiency and visual appeal in mind. These racks provide your electric guitars with the best possible protection while blending in smoothly with your environment. Due to the adjustable characteristics of the racks, you may alter the spacing to accommodate cases for electric guitars of various sizes and forms.

The flexibility of these racks makes them stand out; you can alter the spacing to accommodate cases for electric guitars of all different sizes and shapes, ensuring that each instrument is cradled in its own unique place.

Acoustic Guitar Case Storage Racks: Preserving Acoustic Excellence

Our acoustic guitar case storage racks give your acoustic guitars the extra care they require. These racks, which were carefully and precisely made, provide a safe haven for your acoustic guitar cases, protecting them from the elements and unintentional harm. The careful engineering of the racks ensures the pristine state of the delicate acoustic bodies by preventing any excessive pressure.

These expertly built, American-made racks provide a safe haven for your acoustic guitar cases, protecting them from environmental elements and accidental harm. They’re designed designed with a thorough grasp of the delicate nature of acoustic bodies in order to prevent any undue pressure from compromising their pristine condition.


Are these storage racks easy to assemble?

Absolutely! Our storage racks are made to be very easily assembled. Every package includes detailed instructions, and our customer support is regularly available to help. Most products require little more than a screwdriver and about 20-ish minutes of your time.

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Can they hold different sizes of guitar cases?

Yes, our racks can hold a variety of guitar case sizes and are adaptable. You can depend on our storage solutions to guarantee a tight fit, whether you have conventional or custom cases. And you can alter the spacing as needed thanks to the movable pegs on our racks.

Can these racks hold Gibson Flying V cases or Firebirds, Explorers and other odd-shaped cases?

Cases for Gibson Firebirds and Explorers should fit without a problem. Flying Vs should fit if one of the sides and the bottom of the case form a right angle. While not designed for it, Flying V cases with a wedge-shaped bottom may be able to be positioned to sit in the rack but it is not guaranteed.

Can they be customized to fit my space?

Despite the fact that our racks come in a range of sizes and configurations, we’re aware that different environments call for different solutions. Contact our customer service, and we’ll look into your possibilities for customization. Our objective is to offer storage options that meld perfectly with your area.

What Our Customers Are Saying: Real Reviews from Satisfied Shoppers

  1. As always the case rack that I received was awesome! This is the third case rack that I have purchased and they are well constructed and very easy to assemble! And Guitar Storage customer service and support is second to none!! A++++++

    Joel D

  2. I actually have 2 of them. Nice quality, keeps guitars and banjos neat and organized. Well worth the money

    Theresa S

  3. The best!!! Beautiful yet so very functional solution to instrument storage in our home music room!

    Marcy B


At Guitar Storage, we’re committed to giving you more than simply storage racks; we provide you confidence in the proper maintenance of your priceless guitars. To ensure that your instruments are kept safe, well-organized, and prepared to inspire your next musical adventure, our selection of guitar case storage solutions has been painstakingly engineered. Discover our selection today and feel the harmony of excellent preservation and storage.