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If you’re a serious guitarist, and you’re looking for the best multi guitar stands, you already know how important instrument care is to keeping your precious instruments beautiful and playable. has created a variety of superior-quality multiple guitar stands to fulfill the demands of both amateurs and pros. Our catalog of multi-guitar stands are made to maximize your space while showcasing your collection and keeping your guitars close at hand. Below, we’ll present you with our best goods to accommodate your unique storage needs.

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Why You Should Choose Our Multi Guitar Stands

The various guitar stands we offer come with a wide range of benefits that are tailored to the wants and needs of guitarists, collectors, and music lovers. A few of the key reasons you should choose our multi-guitar stands include:

✔ Space Optimization
Our multi-guitar stands are skillfully constructed to make the most of use of the least space. No matter if you have a cramped music store or a modest home studio, our stands gracefully exhibit many guitars while saving crucial floor space.

compilation photo of three different multi guitar stands
Maximum guitars in minimum space!

✔ Elegant Aesthetics
Our stands bring a sense of beauty to any space in addition to serving as a practical storage option. Many products in our catalog are made of mahogany, walnut, red oak and more and feature high-end herringbone inlays.

✔ Variety
We’re aware that each artist and collector has your own tastes. Mobile racks, 2-tier designs and shelves are just a few of the possibilities available in our selection of multi-guitar stands. With so many options, you may discover the ideal stand to meet your unique requirements and space limitations.

✔ Durability
All of our multi-guitar stands are made to be durable. For instance, the Session-Pro™ Mobile Guitar Rack is designed for heavy-duty use and is perfect for stage and studio pros. The Session™ Standard Multiple Guitar Stands’ cherry wood grain sides are not only aesthetically beautiful but also incredibly strong.

✔ Affordability
In our opinion, everyone should have access to quality. The RetroRack™ Deluxe 3 Guitar Stand is a shining illustration of our dedication to providing affordable solutions without sacrificing design or usability. Even our more complex stands provide exceptional value given their quality and feature set.

✔ Customization
Customization possibilities are available for some of our wooden guitar stands such as the Session™ Deluxe. You can choose a wood finish (Mahogany, Red Oak or Walnut) that complements your instruments and aesthetic preferences, you can make sure that your display is completely individual.

✔ Care
Guitar security is crucial to protect your valuable instruments. Our selection of nitrocellulose-safe guitar stands safely keep your instruments in position without risking their delicate finish. And extra padding around the body and neck prevent scratches or scuffs.

Best Multi Guitar Stands

When it comes to organizing and displaying your prized guitar collection, the best multi guitar stands in our catalog offer a perfect solution. These versatile stands are designed to securely hold multiple instruments, providing both space-saving convenience and an aesthetically pleasing display. Whether you’re a professional musician with a diverse instrument arsenal or a passionate collector, investing in one of the best multi guitar stands ensures your instruments are not only well-protected but also showcased in style.

The Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand – Showcase Your Guitars with Elegance

With just three-square feet of space required, the Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Guitar Stand is a masterpiece of space-saving design that lets you exhibit six to twelve guitars in a compact footprint. For guitarists and collectors with a sizable guitar collection who wish to present their instruments in a classy and effective manner, it’s a truly ideal solution.

The Carousel in a guitar store and in an office next to a woman in a black and white t-shirt.

The spinning carousel design of this stand makes it simple to reach and admire each and every instrument in your collection. Additionally, plush, cushioned neck cradles, and yokes are included with the Carousel™ Deluxe to protect your instruments while they’re on display. What’s more, it fits all popular flavors: electric, acoustic, bass guitars and more.

Ideal For: The Carousel™ Deluxe is ideal for music stores, homeowners and crowded studios – really anyone who needs maximum guitars in minimum space, while adding, not detracting from the aesthetic appeal of the your room.

FAQ: Is assembly difficult for the Carousel Deluxe Stand?

No way! With its simple assembly instructions, the Carousel Deluxe can be set up quickly.

The Session™ Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stand – Show Your Passion for Guitars in Style

For musicians who want both flair and practicality, GuitarStorage has created the Session™ Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stand. With several wood selections, excellent herringbone inlay, and 5 and 7 guitar combinations, these stands are readily accessible. You may select a wood finish that matches your instruments and your area, and the attention to detail is unequaled. The herringbone inlay gives your instruments more stability, ensuring that they are held firmly in place while also adding a touch of beauty.

wood guitar rack holding 7 instruments, on a parquet floor, next to a side table, lamp and chair

Ideal For: These stands accommodate 5 or 7 guitars and come in a variety of wood variants with herringbone inlays. Ideal for musicians and collectors who place a high value on both beauty and use.

Interesting Fact

The herringbone inlay on the Session™ Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stands not only adds visual appeal but also increases the stability of the stand, ensuring that your guitars are displayed safely.

FAQ: Can I customize the wood finish of the Session Deluxe Stand?

Absolutely! To suit your unique taste, you may select from a variety of wood alternatives, including rosewood, mahogany, and more.

The Session™ Standard Multiple Guitar Stand – Functional Simplicity Meets Classic Elegance

The Session™ Standard Multiple Guitar Stand is where traditional elegance meets practical simplicity. These wooden guitar racks feature a classic look, with a cherry wood grain finish and come in 5 and 7 guitar capacities.

wood guitar stand in a living room next to rug, coffee table and couch

Just like its Deluxe counterpart, the Session Standard’s neck cradles and body-rests are nitrocellulose-safe and painstakingly crafted to securely and lovingly cradle your delicate instruments.

Ideal For: Home music rooms. The Session™ Standard offers simplicity and elegance for people who value traditional design.

FAQ: What are the STANDARD model side pieces made from?

The curved sides are made of simulated cherry wood grain, scuff-resistant, high pressure laminate over an MDF core. The 3 support rails are solid hardwood.

High Capacity Guitar Stands

If you’re an aficionado with a mean case of guitar acquisition syndrome, finding the perfect storage solution can be a challenge. Enter our high Capacity, rolling guitar stands – expertly crafted to marry function with aesthetics. Designed to protect, display, and seamlessly organize your treasured instruments, these stands boast mobility, allowing you to effortlessly reposition your collection wherever you desire. Whether you’re looking to showcase your guitars for an audience or simply keep them safe and easily accessible, our rolling stands are the pinnacle of convenience and style for the discerning guitarist.

The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar Shelf Racks – Unmatched Durability and Capacity

The height of robust guitar storage is the Session-Pro Double-Stack Mobile Guitar Shelf Racks. These racks are designed to easily accommodate large instrument collections – holding up 18 guitars in just a few square feet of space. They maximize space while making sure that your priceless instruments are always accessible thanks to their two-tiered design.

guitar shelves in a music store and in a studio next to a keyboard shelf

Ideal For: These racks provide unrivaled strength and simplicity if you need to store a variety of instruments and require extra support that can hold up to 18 solid-body guitars which can be quite heavy. They offer convenient and safe storage for your gear, making them perfect for studios and professionals.

Interesting Fact

The Session-Pro Double-Stack Mobile is also available in a case-only version and a hybrid option with one shelf for guitars and one for cases.

FAQ: What are the ceiling height requirements to allow me to fit all my instruments the rack?

The following are approximations that apply to the majority of cases in these categories:
✔ Regular Guitars: 76-78 inches
✔ Regular Basses: 84-86 inches
✔ Dreadnoughts: Coming soon…

In addition, you can opt to remove the wheel kit and gain about 6″ of additional head room.

The Band Room Double-Stack™ Guitar & Case Shelf Rack – Organize Your Music Classroom with Ease

The Band Room Double-Stack Guitar Rack is a multipurpose storage option created to meet the specific requirements of music teachers wishing to effectively organize and safeguard their lightweight instruments. This rack is classroom organizer’s dream, not just a storage solution. Your students’ guitars can be safely stored on its two levels of shelves, keeping the instruments close at hand while reducing the clutter that often persists in a band room because of so many instruments, and kids, in such a small place.

a man and woman smiling and pointing at their guitar shelves

Ideal For: This rack fits lightweight guitars (with an option to hold cases too), making it a useful option for educational facilities – designed to fit through standard school doorways as large as as 80 inches high and 33 inches wide.

Interesting Fact

In addition to being useful, the BandRoom Double-Stack is just one of many school instrument storage racks available at our sister company

FAQ: Do you accept school purchase orders for the BandRoom Double-Stack?

Yes we do! Contact us for further details.

Affordable Multi Guitar Stands

Affordable guitar multi-stands offer a budget-friendly solution for musicians looking to organize their guitar collection efficiently. These versatile stands can securely hold multiple guitars at once, making them an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced players seeking a cost-effective storage and display solution. With various inexpensive options on the market, finding the perfect multi-stand to suit your needs has never been easier.

Economical Elegance: Discover the VersaRack™ Advantage

If you’re in search of a cost-effective solution for your guitar storage needs, the VersaRack stands out as a superb choice. Starting at under $200, the VersaRack combines affordability with the versatility and quality that every guitarist appreciates. Designed to hold both guitars and cases, this stand ensures that your instruments are not only displayed aesthetically but also stored securely.

three variations of the versarack holding guitars and cases, set against a white background

Adaptable Design: The VersaRack is expertly crafted to cater to a variety of storage needs. Whether it’s accommodating guitars or their cases, this stand adjusts to fit your collection precisely. Its flexible configuration allows you to effortlessly switch between different modes (case only vs guitar only vs hybrid) ensuring that your space evolves along with your instrument collection.

The VersaRack is not just a cheap multi guitar stand — it’s an investment in organizing your musical space efficiently and elegantly. Perfect for musicians who need a reliable storage solution on a budget, it proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great quality.

A Budget-Friendly Gift that Looks Anything But

If you’re searching for a top gift for a guitarist that offers both affordability and a high-end appearance, the VersaRack is an exceptional choice. Despite its reasonable price, this stand boasts a sophisticated design that belies its cost, making it appear far more luxurious. It’s perfect for guitarists who appreciate functionality wrapped in a stylish package, ensuring their setup always looks professionally arranged.

The RetroRack™ Deluxe 3 Guitar Stand – Where Vintage Meets Affordability

The RetroRack™ Deluxe 3 Guitar Stand from is the perfect choice if you like the retro look but are on a tight budget. This stand gives your room a bit of nostalgic character while also providing safe instrument storage. It’s an aesthetic item that displays your guitars with a touch of nostalgia thanks to the three-dimensional pick guard detail.

red, black and surf green colored three-guitar stands
Available in three flavors: retro red, black and green

Ideal For: People seeking a hint of nostalgia will love the RetroRack Deluxe because it combines affordability with vintage elegance. Three guitars can fit in its distinctive design, which also improves the atmosphere of any music studio or retail display.

FAQ: Can I order a custom size version?

Sorry not at this time.

What Our Customers Are Saying: Real Reviews from Satisfied Shoppers

  1. My hybrid rack looks and works as I hoped from the pictures. Impressive, sturdy, and easy to swing around the room if and when needed. One note: if you have a drop ceiling, maybe have the cases on the bottom and the guitars up top. A few of my cases touch the ceiling.

    Joseph S

  2. Unlike others here and everywhere, my wife actually enjoys my guitar acquisitions. Therefore, I need some storage, and the more furniture-like the better. Very glad, after all my searches, I found Guitar storage. The "perfect" fit and finish for some of my/our collection. The pic below will show how good "furniture" looks with gorgeous Brazilian acoustics on it. Now, on to the electrics after we find a wall space in this home for them. Order forthcoming and we are elated at the looks, functionality and organization of our fine instruments. Thanks Guitar Storage for the perfect stand!

    Mike T

  3. This is our second purchase. Arrived quickly. Missing hardware to assemble (honest mistake). The company quickly sent the missing hardware and was very apologetic. Superb customer service. We will continue to order from them and highly recommend their quality products.

    Jamie W

  4. My wife got me the carousel for my birthday. A year later I had acquired several more guitars I had on old Hercules stands all over the room. She said I should get another carousel so I jumped at the opportunity and cleared up the guitar clutter. Now we’re both very happy. The carousel guitar stands are the most affordable, efficient and nicest way to store a collection that I’ve ever seen.

    Bob R


Our stands cover the wide range of requirements of musicians, collectors, and enthusiasts like you, from the cutting-edge Carousel Deluxe to the mass-capacity Session-Pro Double-Stack, to the cost-effective RetroRack. Our stands provide an ideal solution whether you’re looking for efficiency and flair or something with charm that can enhance your decor. We have the endorsement of industry professionals, raving reviews, and a 5-star rating.