Multiple Guitar Stands

a multiple guitar stand made of red oak, with an f-hold cutout, filled with 5 guitars

Multiple Guitar Stands For Acoustics & Electrics

Are your guitars cluttering up your space? Has your collection gotten too big for its britches? Are you seeking a more attractive and more organized way to display and access your instruments? Well, feast your eyes on the best multiple guitar stands around. These wood beauties will hold your acoustics, electrics (solid or hollow body), basses and banjos. They’re the most sturdy and decorative stands you’ll find. They take up less space than a bunch of single stands. And they make beautiful furniture pieces you’ll be proud to show off in your music room or studio – the type of product you can say “really brings the room together”.

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They’re made by skilled AMERICAN craftsmen who are passionate about building you exceptional products. Every joint, every bevel, every neck holder has been meticulously designed. They’re made to last AND made to impress.

In summary, they’ll keep your floor space clear, your spouse happy, and your friends jealous.

And if you’re a searching for a great Christmas gift for a guitarist, you’ll be sure to hit a home run with any one of these high quality presents.

Note – with the exception of the Band Room Double-Stack™ rack, all other guitar stands are nitrocellulose safe to protect your vintage instruments with the utmost care!

What Our Customers Are Saying: Real Reviews from Satisfied Shoppers

  1. My hybrid rack looks and works as I hoped from the pictures. Impressive, sturdy, and easy to swing around the room if and when needed. One note: if you have a drop ceiling, maybe have the cases on the bottom and the guitars up top. A few of my cases touch the ceiling.

    Joseph S

  2. Unlike others here and everywhere, my wife actually enjoys my guitar acquisitions. Therefore, I need some storage, and the more furniture-like the better. Very glad, after all my searches, I found Guitar storage. The "perfect" fit and finish for some of my/our collection. The pic below will show how good "furniture" looks with gorgeous Brazilian acoustics on it. Now, on to the electrics after we find a wall space in this home for them. Order forthcoming and we are elated at the looks, functionality and organization of our fine instruments. Thanks Guitar Storage for the perfect stand!

    Mike T

  3. This is our second purchase. Arrived quickly. Missing hardware to assemble (honest mistake). The company quickly sent the missing hardware and was very apologetic. Superb customer service. We will continue to order from them and highly recommend their quality products.

    Jamie W

  4. My wife got me the carousel for my birthday. A year later I had acquired several more guitars I had on old Hercules stands all over the room. She said I should get another carousel so I jumped at the opportunity and cleared up the guitar clutter. Now we’re both very happy. The carousel guitar stands are the most affordable, efficient and nicest way to store a collection that I’ve ever seen.

    Bob R