A Journey of Craftsmanship: Our Story of Innovation in Guitar Storage Design

Made In USA graphic over picture of our factory team


2004: The Beginning

  • Founding partners Bob and Mike meet on the tennis courts and discover shared passions for racquet sports, woodworking, and guitar collecting.
  • A shared frustration over the lack of quality guitar storage solutions inspires the idea for a new business.
  • Creation of version 1.0 of the Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack prototype.
  • Enthusiastic feedback from fellow guitar enthusiasts.
  • The official launch of GuitarStorage.com and the birth of the parent company A&S Crafted Products.
  • Partnership with a custom cabinetmaker woodshop in Philadelphia to ensure the highest production quality with American workers.
drill press operator in a woodshop

2010: Expansion and Diversification

  • Introduction of multi-guitar stands and wall hangers to the product line.
  • Relocation of production to a larger woodworking facility in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

2013: Rapid Growth

  • A second factory opens in Central Indiana to accommodate growing demand.
woodworker cleaning sawdust out of freshly paned wood rails

2016: Recognition and Success

  • A&S Crafted Products showcases the Guitar Storage and Band Storage product lines at Summer NAMM 2016.
  • Wins the prestigious “Best In Show” award in the “Companies To Watch” category.
summer namm best in show logo
We won!

Our Commitment

Through years of innovation, growth, and dedication to quality, A&S Crafted Products continues to be a leader in guitar storage solutions. Rooted in a love for music and craftsmanship, our mission remains clear: to provide guitar collectors, enthusiasts, and music studios with the finest American-made storage solutions that not only protect their beloved instruments but also reflect their passion and style.

woodworker applying a decorative inlay to the edge of a guitar rack

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