The ShowCase™ Deluxe Guitar Display Cabinet

Beautiful wood wall-hung display cabinet with LED lighting and humidity control system

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  • Gorgeous sapele mahogany cabinet
  • Birch back panel
  • Herringbone inlay detail edging
  • Full-length LED lighting
  • Plug-in or battery options
  • Boveda® Humidity Control System
  • ¼” glass door with nitrocellulose-safe gasket
  • Optional backdrops available
  • Made In USA

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If you’re looking for a beautiful, high-quality display cabinet for your guitar, with lots of distinctive features and incredible value, The ShowCase™ is the best guitar display cabinet you will find.

The ShowCase™ features gorgeous ribbon-stripe sapele mahogany on the outside and inside walls of the cabinet. Our signature herringbone inlay edging accents the front. A birch back panel provides a neutral backdrop to show off your prized guitar or autographed showpiece.

Full-length LED lighting casts your guitar in a safe and soft light. The back panel also gets illuminated, which makes your guitar stand out. You have a choice to set up your cabinet as either plug-in or wire-free battery-powered. The cabinet securely mounts on the wall with an included hanging cleat.

You can order one of our high-quality photo-realistic backdrops to make your cabinet even more distinctive. Or you can work with our design department to create your own unique backdrop.

A recessed tray holds a Boveda® Humidity Control System packet which, combined with a nitrocellulose-safe (non-rubber) gasket around the perimeter and a 1/4″ thick glass door, help keep guitars in optimal condition. We include one 72% Seasoning Packet and one 49% Humidity Control Packet to help maintain optimal conditions.

And if you’re searching for a great gift, you’ll be sure to knock it out of the park with the ShowCase Deluxe.

Need further re-assuring? Read our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (click RETURNS tab above for details).


Our high-quality photo-realistic backdrops can enhance your cabinet to coordinate with your guitar. You can apply it to either or both sides of the back panel. This enables guitar players to customize their cabinets with up to 2 different backdrops, so when they want, they can reverse the panel and show off a different guitar. The artwork is easily removable so you can always go back to the birch wood back panel or change to something else.

In addition, our design department can help you create a custom backdrop of your own. Please contact to discuss your ideas.

Please note: if you are ordering a ShowCase Cabinet at the same time as the backdrop art, they will ship separately. The artwork usually takes about 10 days to arrive.


DIMENSIONS22½" W x 51" H x 9" D
PRICE$1,208 $929
Q: Will my guitar fit in the ShowCase?
A: First measure your guitar from the point where the head stock widens over the neck to the bottom. That measurement should be less than 37 inches for the length to fit in the cabinet. The width of your guitar at its widest should be less than 21 inches. If your guitar body depth is 6 inches or less, you should be fine.
Q: How does the humidity control system work?
A: We include one Boveda brand 2-way humidity control packet which helps protect your wooden instrument against warping, cracks and other damage caused by a lack of humidification or too much humidification. The Boveda packet maintains a constant 40%-50% relative humidity level inside the display case.
Q: How long does the Boveda packet last before it needs replacing?
A: When the Boveda packet becomes dry and crispy, then it’s time to replace it with a new one. Boveda says you can expect 2–6 months of usage life depending on the container and external environment.
Q: How does it mount to the wall?
A: The cabinet is supported by a cleat that you attach to the wall. You will have to drill 4 holes in the wall. Holes in the cleat are 16 inches apart, so if you have a standard wall and can locate the wall studs, you should be able attach the cleat using 4 screws (included), screwed into 2 studs. If you cannot locate the studs, we also provide 4 toggle bolts. (If your studs are not 16 inches apart, we recommend that you attach with 2 screws into a stud and use toggle bolts for the other 2 holes.) Detailed instructions will be included.
Q: If I use batteries, how many do I need? How long will they last?
A: The battery pack uses 8 AA batteries. In testing, we have kept the lights on continuously for over 48 hours before they started to fade a little bit.
Q: What will I need to assemble the Showcase?
A: You will need a drill, a level, and a screwdriver. All hardware (screws, etc.) are included. Detailed, illustrated instructions are also included.
Q: Why is it important that the rubber gasket, which seals the door shut, be made of a nitrocellulose safe rubber?
A: Because if a cheaper rubber were used it would break down over time and produce corrosive gasses in an enclosed, sealed, heated environment, which would be harmful to any vintage guitar with a nitrocellulose finish.

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  1. Living in a super dry climate, the ShowCase Deluxe Display Cabinets are the perfect solution. I had a pair of guitars that would not fit in my climate controlled studio and that I wanted displayed anyway. Lo and behold, the dry air took its toll and the axes had to pay a visit to the luthier. Not sure what to do with them after I had them repaired, I contacted Guitar Storage and was thrilled to know that these display cases have a controlled humidity system as well as a tight gasket to seal the glass door, which is closed by magnet. I can’t speak about these cases without mentioning the ease and precision involved with mounting. Too many times, I have purchased identical frames, shelves, etc. and the mounting hardware or brackets were not placed in the same spot on each, creating additional work, measuring, etc. to get them to line up true. These case were spot-on, identical and precise. Once the first cleat was mounted to the wall, we were able to mount the second one prior to even hanging the first case, due to the exact precision of the construction and placement of the case cleat. I can’t express how important that was. In a nutshell, the ShowCase Deluxe looks amazing, turns the guitars into a conversation piece and will preserve and protect my beloved instruments.

    Johnny Z.

  2. Excellent product. The lighting and climate control are outstanding features as is the quality of construction and finish. I have 11 guitars in high end display cases and my 2 Showcase Deluxe Guitar cases stand out among them all. Very impressive.

    Don S. (verified owner)

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