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If you have a sizeable collection of acoustic guitars, you appreciate the importance of not only playing them but also displaying them in all their splendor. At, we have a beautiful selection American-Made of acoustic guitar stands that not only keep your precious instruments safe and secure, but also improve the aesthetics of your room. Our extensive assortment is intended to meet the demands of every guitarist, from the home enthusiast to the rehearsal soundstage. Let’s go into the specifics of some of our favorite acoustic guitar stands.

Best Acoustic Guitar Stands is the perfect resource for musicians looking for the best acoustic guitar stands. From the Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand, which delivers unsurpassed accessibility and elegance, to the high-capacity and space-saving Session-Pro™ Doublestack Shelf Rack, our carefully curated selection offers a variety of possibilities. Our acoustic guitar stands blend functionality, durability, and style, ensuring that your precious instruments are not only secured but also exhibited in a manner reflecting their artistic value, whether you’re a professional performer or a dedicated enthusiast. Improve your acoustic guitar experience by purchasing the best stands from Keep reading to discover our best Acoustic Guitar stands:

1. The Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand

Tired of rummaging through a messy room for the appropriate guitar for your next performance or jam session? Your dilemma has been solved by the Carousel Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand. This stand can securely hold up to six acoustic guitars while allowing you to easily spin it 360 degrees to access the instrument of your choice. It’s made of the finest woods (including sapele mahogany and herringbone inlays) and not only protects your guitars but also gives a touch of elegance to your environment.

Because it is made of high-quality materials (including nitrocellulose-safe felt [like so many of our products]), your guitars will be safe and last a long time on this stand. Each cradle is made to firmly hold your instruments while guarding against damage or scratches.

It’s great for retailers too because it takes up a lot less space than six single guitar stands and just looks a heck of a lot nicer than most metal or plastic solutions.

The Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand

Real Customer Review

  1. My wife got me the carousel for my birthday. A year later I had acquired several more guitars I had on old Hercules stands all over the room. She said I should get another carousel so I jumped at the opportunity and cleared up the guitar clutter. Now we’re both very happy. The carousel guitar stands are the most affordable, efficient and nicest way to store a collection that I’ve ever seen.

    Bob R

2. The Session™ Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stands

The Session Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stand is a must-have for any guitarist with an expanding acoustic guitar collection. Its strong construction allows it to carry up to seven guitars, keeping them within easy reach. The stand has nitro-safe padded cradles and neck supports to keep your guitars scratch-free and in excellent shape. This stand is a wonderful addition to any music room, whether you’re a studio engineer musician or a passionate hobbyist. It comes in a variety of wood styles to help elevate your décor.

The Session™ Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stands with Acoustics

Real Customer Review

  1. Love this stand! It looks great, works perfectly, and keeps my guitars accessible. Very easy assembly, even for a mechanically challenged guy working solo. Only problem was that it held 7 guitars and I only had 6, which made me want one more... Now it's full.

    Dennis T

3. The Session™ Standard Multiple Guitar Stands

The Session Standard Multiple Guitar Stand is ideal for individuals searching for a dependable and economical multi instrument stand. This Standard version can also hold five or seven of your acoustics, making it perfect for home or studio usage. Its sturdy construction and padded supports ensure the protection of your instruments while also saving space.

Real Customer Review

  1. A really nice and very functional piece of furniture. Been using for over 9 years.

    John M

4. The CrossCurve™ Deluxe Wood Single Guitar Stand

The CrossCurve Deluxe Wood Single Guitar Stand is a lovely option for individuals who value simplicity and beauty. It’s made of high-quality maple and mahogany and elegantly displays your acoustic guitar as the focal point of your room.

The CrossCurve is designed to present your instrument like a work of art, giving it a touch of visual sophistication. What’s more, it’s unique design allows you to display your guitar from either the front or from the side.

Side-by-side versions of the CrossCurve stand: holding an acoustic and electric guitar
The CrossCurve can hold your acoustics AND electrics too.

5. The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Shelf Rack

Whether you’re a retailer or a collector, when it comes to storing (or displaying) a vast acoustic guitar collection, the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Rack stands out as a paramount solution. Select from case-only, guitar-only or hybrid versions.

The two-tiered shelf system optimizes vertical space, allowing you to efficiently store all your instruments without compromising on your floor’s real estate. Both the top and bottom shelves ensure that every one of your guitars, whether housed in their case or not, is cushioned and cradled with utmost care.

Guitar shelves filled with acoustic guitars

With a max capacity of up to 20 guitar cases (depending on case size) this rack is meticulously designed for those of you who truly struggle with guitar acquisition syndrome.

A before and after comparison of a guitar collection

Real Customer Review

  1. Great product. I've got two of the racks in my guitar room. Both hold more cases than advertised. These are great products for those of us with a ton of cases and who want their homes and storage areas to be better organized

    Mark P

For Maximum Protection – Shop the Best Acoustic Guitar Case Racks

The beauty of the Session-Pro Doublestack lies in its hybrid functionality, allowing you the choice to display their guitars either nestled within their protective cases or standing in their full glory. However, as we transition deeper into the realm of acoustic guitar storage, there are times when the exclusive use of cases becomes essential for optimal protection. This is where our dedicated case racks come into play. Our range of storage solutions ensure that every guitar, when enclosed, remains shielded from external elements, offering both security and accessibility. Let’s explore these tailored solutions that prioritize your instrument’s well-being without compromising on aesthetics.

1. The Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Case Rack

The Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack is more than just a functional piece; it’s a testament to the allure of finely crafted wood and the essence of acoustic guitar beauty. Crafted meticulously, its radiant wood components are complemented by the intricate herringbone inlay edging, transforming what is essentially storage into a statement piece.

By choosing the Studio Deluxe for your music room, you’re not only providing a safe haven for your acoustic guitar cases but also gracing your space with a piece that exudes warmth and sophistication. Gone are the days of cluttered corners and marred walls; in their place stands a wooden marvel that harmonizes with every strum and chord of your acoustic collection. This is more than just a rack—it’s a tribute to your discerning taste in both music and craftsmanship.

The Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack next to a red couch, glass coffee table, and wood cabinet.

Real Customer Review

  1. Absolutely fantastic in all respects! Worth the money. I wanted something that was furniture quality to store my guitar collection. I was hesitant to spend real money for a guitar storage rack, but the typical black painted aluminum or junky faux wood stuff is just awful. I have a collection of nice guitars and I wanted something worthy of them. This is it! Exceeded my expectations! Don’t hesitate to get one for yourself. And when your guitars are out in view… play more! Win win.

    Gil K

2. The Studio™ Standard Guitar Case Stand

The Studio Standard Guitar Case Stand presents a straightforward and economical solution for those who prioritize both function and aesthetic value. Especially designed to accommodate the unique shape and size of your acoustic guitar cases, it ensures that your instruments receive the protection they deserve without any excess. The sleek design of the Studio Standard, while more simplistic compared to the Studio Deluxe, retains a timeless elegance that effortlessly complements any music room or studio setting.

The Studio Standard Guitar Case Rack next to a modern couch, lamp and coffee table

Affordability doesn’t mean compromising on style or quality. The Studio Standard embodies this principle by offering a sturdy and efficient storage solution that doesn’t break the bank. It can comfortably hold your acoustic guitar cases, providing easy access for those moments when inspiration strikes. Whether you’re just starting your guitar collection or looking for a more budget-friendly storage option, the Studio Standard is a testament that simplicity, when executed right, can be both beautiful and practical.

Real Customer Review

  1. Well-made, attractive, and functional. This allows my guitars to be protected in their cases yet quickly accessible. The design handles acoustic and electric cases well, even rectangular cases. It really helps clean up the clutter.

    Terry M

Why you should choose us for your Acoustic Guitar Stands is more than simply a store; we’re committed to boosting your musical experience. You make the best decision for your acoustic guitar stands when you select us because of our expertise, creativity, and unmatched knowledge. Our carefully crafted stands, which provide protection and aesthetic appeal, show our dedication to offering you the greatest products on the market.

By offering a range of alternatives to suit various demands, we make sure that your acoustic guitars are not only safely stored but also beautifully exhibited. Our commitment to your musical passion sets us apart from the competition and we take pleasure in being the go-to storage solutions for musicians all around the world.


How do I choose the right acoustic guitar stand for my needs?

The number of guitars you have, the amount of space you have available, and your aesthetic tastes all play a role in choosing your ideal stand. View our product descriptions and get in touch with our specialists for tailored advice.

Are these guitar stands suitable for electric guitars as well?

Absolutely, our guitar stands are designed with versatility in mind and are fully compatible with both acoustic and electric guitars, ensuring optimal support and protection for either type of instrument.

Do your guitar stands come pre-assembled?

Many of our stands just need a small amount of assembly, and thorough instructions are included.

Can I return or exchange a guitar stand if it doesn’t meet my expectations?

Yes. We offer a return policy for all our products. You can find details about it on the “Returns” tab of the product pages.


Your acoustic guitars are more than just musical instruments; they’re a manifestation of your love and devotion to music. Our acoustic guitar stands are made to uphold that dedication by offering superior security, convenience, and appeal. Today, look through our wide selection to locate the ideal stand that will enhance your guitar collection, music studio or retail space. Your acoustic guitars will always be prepared to command attention thanks to