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If you have too many acoustic guitars in too little space, the aggravation you get from a cluttered room may lessen the joy you felt when you acquired each special piece. And your passion for collecting may become more of a pain for you and those who share that same space, or lack-thereof. There must be a better way!

These best-in-breed, nitrocellulose safe acoustic guitar storage products are the perfect way to safely store your prized possessions, vintage or modern. Not only do they protect, display and promote easy accessibility, they’re uniquely designed to act as beautiful furniture pieces that enhance the decor of your music room or studio.

All products are easy to assemble, made in America and built to last.

Resonators and Dobros will NOT fit in the Session™ or Carousel™ model guitar stands because of the orientation of the extended-nut used to raise the strings. The Showcase™ Guitar Display Cabinet can handle instruments up to 5“ in body depth but since body depth varies across most Dobros and Resonators, it’s always best to measure them first. Regardless, if you keep these instruments in their cases, any of our Studio™ model guitar case racks will fit them just fine.

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