• The Pro-File™ Wall Mounted Ukulele & Mandolin Hanger

    Don’t want your smaller instruments stepped on or squished amongst their larger stringed siblings? The Pro-File™ Wall Mounted Ukulele & Mandolin Hanger is your best bet. This cool looking display piece is handcrafted and American-made. It features beautifully engraved maple hardwood, highlighted with a bronze color fill. And a custom rosette inlay and attractive V-grooved F Hole motif.

  • Acoustic Guitar Humidifier by D'Addario Planet Waves

    Lack of humidification is one of the leading causes of major guitar repairs. Humidifying your guitar is essential in maintaining your instrument's fine qualities. The Acoustic Guitar Humidifier by D'Addario Planet Waves makes it easy to properly and safely humidify your guitar by suspending safely in the sound hole by the instruments strings so it never touches the instrument's body. Simply moisten the sponge, install and that's it. The humidifier releases the moisture slowly and evenly to keep your guitar perfectly humidified. When the sponge becomes completely dry, simply moisten it again and insert back into the soundhole.

  • Conditioning Packets for 2-Way Guitar Humidification System by D'Addario Planet Waves

    The Two-Way Humidification Conditioning Packets by D'Addario Planet Waves allow you to safely restore an instrument and case that is in a known dry condition or has previously not been humidified to the proper humidity level. To receive the maximum benefits and longevity of the this product, ensure that your instrument and case are properly humidified before using the Two-Way Humidification System. The packets easily fit into the pouches of the Two-Way Humidification Kits. This product maintains a constant 45%-50% relative humidity (RH) level inside your instruments case. Based on scientific principles, the patented humidification system completely eliminates the guesswork and anxiety around maintaining your instrument's proper humidity level. This product requires no water, has no drips and no mess.

  • Drill Bit Peg Winder For Guitar String Changes

    The Drill Bit Peg Winder, by D'Addario's Planet Waves, lets you changing your guitar string changes quiclky and easily with this attachment for cordless screwdrivers. The peg winder can accommodate vintage to modern guitar and bass tuners in a one-size-fits-all design. With a nickel-plated steel shaft, this fine product will resist wear for countless string changes.

  • Express Guitar Polish Packs

    Express Guitar Polish Packs by D'Addario's Planet Waves are the Ultimate one-time-use 3-step polishing system for guitars and basses. Each Express packet contains a one-time use quantity of each polish in the 3-step detailing system that includes Restore, Protect and Shine. Restore cuts through the toughest grime to polish out swirl marks and even minor scratches.

  • Fret Polishing System

    The Fret Polishing System by D'Addario Planet Waves makes any guitar or bass frets shine like new. This kit contains 5 sheets of reusable fret polishing paper and a polishing template to place over the fretboard of any fretted instrument during polishing. Within minutes, the Fret Polishing System removes all the dirt, grime and corrosion from your frets to enhance the tone and feel of your instrument. The Fret polishing system also makes your instrument look great.

  • Gift Certificates

    Not sure what guitar storage product to purchase as a gift? Get 'em a gift certificate instead! It's just what Dr. Feelgood prescribed for Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays and more.

    Just enter the recipient's name, e-mail, and gift message in the Comments field during checkout. Within 24 hours of purchase, we'll e-mail you and your recipient a copy of their gift certificate.

    The gift certificate is valid for 6 months from the purchase date and can be used for a one-time only purchase. Valid towards the product price only, and is not applied to shipping or taxes. If the product price is greater than the coupon amount, the recipient will be required to pay the difference. If, if product price is less than the gift certificate amount, we'll mail them a check for the difference ($50 max reimbursement). The gift certificate cannot be used during a sale or in combination with other coupons or promo codes.

  • Guitar Case Humidifiers by Oasis®

    To keep your valuable guitars sounding their best, and lasting healthy long lives, it's critical that you provide them with an ideal environment. Especially if you live in a region that experiences dry seasons, the Oasis® OH-6 guitar case humidifier can help make for a better environment. The OH-6 bottle comes strapped with two strong magnets which attach to a steel clip or stainless steel strip, with sticky backing, that itself gets attached to your guitar case. And it comes with a 10 cc. syringe for easy filling of distilled water. Because distilled water lacks the dissolved minerals of tap or bottled water, it lasts longer, and therefore is the recommended water source.

  • Guitar Case Hygrometer With Humidity & Temperature Sensors

    This guitar case hygrometer that digitally indicates accurate relative humidity and temperature levels. Humidity sensors range from low (under 20%) to 99%. Temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit or Centigrade, ranging from -32°F to 122°F (-35C to 50C). It includes a programmable set point, as well as a memory feature that indicates date/time of the highest and lowest temperature/humidity levels to which the instrument has been exposed. Get one for each of your instruments. It’s a wise investment to properly use this device AND and a humidifier in each of your instrument cases. It also Includes a built- in clock and calendar.

  • Guitar Peg Winder

    D'Addario's Planet Waves precision molded guiltar peg winder with bridge pin puller is specially designed to fit virtually all guitars, banjos, and mandolins. The Peg Winder is achieves easier and faster string changes and is built tough to withstand years of use. Easily store it in any case accessory compartment.

  • Headstand For Guitar Maintenance

    This headstand, from D'Addario's Planet Waves, holds guitars and basses in a secure position for string changes and instrument maintenance. The headstand is compact and folds up for easy storage. The soft, overmolded contact points will not damage instrument finishes. This product is NOT designed for use with banjos and mandolins.

  • Humidifier For Ukuleles and Mandolins

    Maintaining the humidity level in your ukulele or mandolin is essential to preserve its playability, sound, and integrity. This D'Addario Planet Waves humidifier releases moisture evenly and slowly inside your instrument's case to maintain the proper humidity level at all times. This process prevents cracks, warping, and shrinkage to your instrument to prolong the life and precision of your stringed instrument. To use the humidifier, simply moisten the sponge when it becomes dry. This product fits in any case and can also be used in conjunction with the Soundhole humidifier (GH) for acoustic guitar cases when your humidity is consistently 20% or lower. Get one for all of your valuable instruments, including smaller acoustic, bowed, and woodwind instruments. It’s the smart, easy, and affordable way to protect your investment.

  • Hydrate Fingerboard Conditioner

    Hydrate FingerBoard Conditioner by D'Addario Planet Waves restores the natural beauty and wood grain of dark, natural wood fretboards on all stringed instruments. Contained in an easy-to-use spray bottle, Hydrate's unique formula of cleaners and oils removes dirt and grime while restoring moisture to the fretboard, and prevents cracks and other damage that can occur when a fingerboard becomes dry. It's also great for getting rid of rosin on the fingerboards of bowed instrument.

  • Lemon Oil Guitar Cleaner

    Lemon Oil by D'Addario Planet Waves, like other citrus cleaners, is a natural guitar cleaner and conditioner formulated to remove dirt, grease and wax build-up from surfaces. This product is ideal for unfinished woods on all string instruments. It's particularly recommended for use on guitar fretboards. Lemon Oil also helps to condition your instrument by resisting dryness, preventing cracks, and extending your instrument's life. Recommended for use on unfinished woods.

  • LubriKit Friction Remover

    LubriKit, by D'Addario's Planet Waves, is an ideal lubricant for friction points, including the nut and string saddles, on guitars and other stringed instruments. Just a drop of LubriKit removes the friction so you can play in tune and enjoy the natural sounds of your fine instrument. LubriKit comes in a syringe style applicator along with two swabs for easy access into tight spaces. Just put a drop of LubriKit in each nut slot and string saddle. Your strings will glide effortlessly, preventing friction that can cause strings to bind and go out of tune. LubriKit can also be used for all contact points with floating bridges and string height adjustment screws. This great product drastically improves tuning stability, reduces broken strings, reduces early wearing at the bridge and the nut, and increases sustain and overall performance.

  • Peg Winder for Bass Guitar

    This precision molded peg winder, by D'Addario's Planet Waves, is specially designed to fit both modern and vintage basses. The peg winder lets you change strings quickly and easily. And it's built tough to last for years. It's small enough to fit in most guitar case accessory compartments.

  • Pro-Winder For Bass Guitar Pegs

    The Pro-Winder for bass guitars, by D'Addario's Planet Waves, is a high-quality peg winder with a built-in string cutter and stretcher. Designed for both vintage and modern style bass tuners, it is the most comprehensive bass restringing tool available. The Pro-Winder includes a built-in hardened steel clipper to ensure years of reliable performance. Also available in a guitar version for guitars, banjos and mandolins.

  • Pro-Winder For Guitar Pegs

    The Guitar Pro-Winder, from D'Addario's Planet Waves, is a high-quality peg winder with a built-in string cutter, stretcher, and bridge puller for acoustic instruments. It's engineered to work with virtually all guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins, It's the most comprehensive restringing tool available. The Pro-Winder includes a built-in hardened steel clipper to ensure years of reliable performance.

  • Protect - Liquid Carnauba Wax

    Protect from D'Addario Planet Waves is a natural protectant and sealer for all clear-coated guitars and other instruments. Protect combines premium quality Brazilian Carnauba Wax and an advanced formula to produce a distinct radiance, that's fast and easy to apply. Step 2 of a 3 part system. See also 'Restore Polish' and 'Spray Cleaner'.

  • Restore - Deep Cleaning Cream Guitar Polish

    Restore deep cleaning guitar polish by D'Addario Planet Waves will remove swirl marks and even light scratches from all clear-coated guitars and musical instruments. It cuts through the toughest grime and is safe to use on all common finishes. Step 1 of a 3 part system. See also 'Liquid Carnauba Wax' and 'Spray Cleaner'.

  • RetroRack™ Deluxe 3 Guitar Stand

    Want to spice up your music room or studio? Don’t settle for just any ol' multi guitar rack. Especially when you can have the coolest one around! Introducing the RetroRack™ 3 Guitar Stand. With sexy curved sides, classic colors in a high-gloss finish, and a three-dimensional pick guard, it’s the best 3 instrument holder on the market.

  • Session-Pro™ Mobile Guitar Rack

    Are you looking for a sleek and secure mobile guitar stand for your recording or home studio? The Session-Pro™ Mobile Guitar Rack will give you all that and quick and easy access for 4 or 8 guitars. And whether you have electrics or acoustics, solid or hollow bodies, the Session-Pro™ will support them all.

  • Shine - Spray Cleaner For Guitars

    Shine from D'Addario Planet Waves is an easy-to-use spray cleaner that can be used daily for clear-coated guitars and other instruments. Shine erases dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections found on the wooden surfaces of your instrument, while color enhancers bring out your instrument’s beauty to keep it looking like new. Step 3 of a 3 part system. See also 'Liquid Carnauba Wax' and 'Restore Cleaning Polish'.

  • Studio™ Wheel Kit

    If you've purchased one of our Studio™ Model Guitar Case Racks, and would like to add a set of wheels, they can be purchased here. These rolling casters allow you to easily move your rack around so you can clean under it or rearrange the furniture.

  • Test™ Product

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