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If you’re a devoted guitarist, or if you’re a music teacher school, who’s in need of an excellent, high-capacity instrument storage solution, look no further! At, we take pleasure in providing a wide range of cutting-edge options to keep your precious instruments safe, secure, and ready to rock. They’re made by skilled AMERICAN craftsmen who are passionate about building you exceptional products.

Let’s examine two of our high-quality products in more detail:

Best Guitar Shelf Racks| Space-Saving Guitar Shelves

1. The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Rack

Introducing a powerful option for guitar lovers, professional musicians, recording studios and retail stores looking to simplify their instrument storage: the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Rack. This adaptable shelf system is a space-saving, mobility-enhancing game-changer that offers more than simply storage. The Session-Pro Double-Stack makes the most of your available space, holding maximum guitars in a minimum footprint. It makes it easy to store, and move, up to 18 guitars or 20 cases.

The Session Pro Shelf Rack in a blue recording studio, next to a desk and couch.

Bid farewell to shoddy shelving and chaotic instrument storage. You can safely store your valuable instruments, including electrics, acoustics, basses, and banjos, with the Session-Pro Double-Stack. You may modify this storage solution to meet your unique requirements, whether you want to store guitars, cases, or both at once. This shelf has steel-reinforced cross-rails and is made of nitrocellulose-safe materials, guaranteeing the security and longevity of your delicate instruments. The robust wheels and brakes improve stability and movement.

It’s time to improve your guitar storage solution to the Session-Pro Double-Stack for a neat, orderly, and secure environment for your prized possessions.

Interesting Fact

The interesting fact about this product is that it provides flexibility in how you organize your musical instruments because of its multiple shelf configurations (guitar only, case only and hybrid) that allow you to customize your shelves to suit your unique storage needs.

Ideal For

The Session-Pro Double-Stack is ideal for musicians, collectors and retailers who want to store and organize their guitars and cases in an efficient and space-saving manner.

guitar shelves in a music store and in a studio next to a keyboard shelf

FAQ: Will this product hold rectangular cases?

Yes, in the case-only versions of this product, rectangular cases will fit on both the top and bottom shelves. In the hybrid version, they’ll fit on the top shelf.

2. The Band Room Double-Stack™ Guitar & Case Shelf Rack

The Band Room Double-Stack™ Guitar & Case Shelf Rack is the ideal choice whether you’re a music instructor or an institution in need of a practical and adaptable solution for lightweight instrument storage. This space-saving solution, which was created with schools and music classes in mind, offers the perfect approach to keep your classroom organized and your instruments safe. It optimizes your storage efficiency and reduces clutter by holding up to 20 guitars, cases, or both at once.

a man and woman smiling and pointing at their guitar shelves

With its sturdy wheels that make it incredibly portable, the Band Room Double-Stack lets you easily reorganize your classroom as required. It’s hardwood rails, scuff-resistant high-pressure laminate sides, brushed aluminum finish, and charming “F”-hole cuts are just a few of the features that make it an outstanding example of superior quality and craftsmanship, all proudly created in the USA.

Choose wisely and maximize your classroom with the Band Room Double-Stack Guitar & Case Shelf Rack. This dependable and adaptable item simplifies your music education setting and gives your students the safe and orderly space they require to succeed in their musical endeavors.

Interesting Fact

The Band Room guitar rack is just one of many school instrument storage solutions also offered by our sister company,

Ideal For

The Band Room Double-Stack Guitar & Case Shelf Rack will benefit anybody in need of secure, practical lightweight guitar and case storage, including educational institutions and music schools.

FAQ: What size doorway will this product fit through?

Doorways that are as large as 80 inches high and 33 inches wide. Cases and guitars add further height and width depending on their size.

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Building DIY Guitar Shelves

At, we provide excellent storage options while celebrating your artistic spirit in organizing your priceless instruments. A dedicated client of ours set out on an amazing do-it-yourself project, utilizing one of our guitar case storage racks.

two empty wood guitar case racks stacked in a nook

Here’s a thorough explanation of how they stacked these racks on top of one another to maximize the little space they had available:

✔ Selecting the Perfect Racks

Our customer made a great choice by selecting the Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Rack as their foundation. The Studio is perfect for holding many guitar cases in a compact setting.

✔ Accurate Measurement and Planning

To maximize vertical space while maintaining easy access to their priceless equipment, our customer carefully evaluated the space they had available in a little nook of their room and measured precisely to ensure the racks would fit one above the other.

✔ Easy Assembly

The Studio Deluxe racks were simple to assemble and stack, requiring no prior DIY knowledge, because of our user-friendly design and thorough instructions.

✔ Space Optimization

Our customer made the most of their limited space by stacking the racks, making sure that every square inch of their nook was effectively used for neat and orderly instrument storage.

What Our Customers Are Saying: Real Reviews from Satisfied Shoppers

  1. Aesthetically beautiful, structurally solid, and totally functional. My disorganization problems are finally solved. I highly recommend the pro level rack to everyone.

    Avrim T

  2. This thing is fantastic! I wasn't able to install the wheels because I need to keep bass/explorer cases on the top shelf and have low ceilings, but I'd still buy it again.

    Chris B

  3. Great product I wish I bought this years ago

    Chris D

  4. Great product. I've got two of the racks in my guitar room. Both hold more cases than advertised. These are great products for those of us with a ton of cases and who want their homes and storage areas to be better organized

    Mark P


In conclusion, offers a wide variety of cutting-edge guitar shelving options for artists, collectors, retailers and academic establishments. Space-saving and safe storage choices are provided by our top-notch products, such as the Session-Pro Double-Stack and Band Room Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Racks. We’ve also featured a triumphant do-it-yourself project in which a clever customer skillfully arranged our Studio racks to make the most of their tiny area. You too can make sure all your instruments are arranged neatly and ready for use with the help of our best-in-class, USA-Made solutions at