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How Should You Store an Electric Guitar?

Whether you’re an expert performer, a collector, a recording studio owner, or just a regular camp-fire picker, it’s critically important you have a dedicated space to store, display, protect and organize your instruments.

Various electric guitar storage solutions cater to both functionality and aesthetics. From the practicality of a high-capacity guitar shelf rack to the elegance of a wooden guitar stand, choose a solution that suits your unique needs.

Learn how you can transform your space into a guitarist’s haven while keeping your instruments secure and readily accessible.

Why You Need to Store Your Electric Guitars?

Storing your electric guitars properly ensures their longevity, maintains playability, and preserves their overall condition.

electric guitar necks leaning to the right in a music recording studio
A proper storage solution will help your instruments will live a longer-healther life.

For the following reasons, you really need to take your electric guitar storage seriously:

Prevents Physical Damage

Proper storage safeguards your guitars from physical harm such as dents, scratches, or cracks. Kids and pets can put your easy-to-reach instruments at risk. But also, your guitars are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, and they can be easily damaged if not stored correctly.

Maintains Playability

Temperature and humidity extremes can cause the necks of your guitar to warp, affecting intonation and playability. When you properly store your guitars, it can help prevent these sorts of issues.

Protects the Finish

Electric guitars often have delicate finishes (especially nitrocellulose finishes) that can be susceptible to fading, peeling, or cracking if exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperature variations. Proper storage helps preserve the finish.

Prevents Corrosion

Metal components on an electric guitar, such as frets, tuning machines, and pickups, can corrode over time if exposed to excessive humidity or moisture. Storing your guitar in a controlled environment can prevent this.

Minimizes Dust and Debris

Storing your guitar in a case or a dedicated guitar stand can help keep dust, dirt, and debris from accumulating on the instrument. Dust and debris can affect the electronics and playability of the guitar.

Maintains String Integrity

Leaving your guitar out in the open for extended periods without playing it can cause the strings to deteriorate faster. Proper storage can help extend string life.

Preserve Resale Value

If you ever plan to sell your electric guitar, keeping it in good condition through proper storage can help maintain its resale value.

Best Electric Guitar Storage Products

Discover the best electric guitar storage gear to safeguard your instruments while adding flair to your space. You can choose from the following four options to store your favorite instruments.

1. Electric Guitar Shelf Racks | Great Space Saving Storage Solution

Some of our electric guitar racks can hold up to 20 guitars and their cases in a very small footprint!

side-by-side photos of a guitar shelf in a hallway and another (backlit) shelf holding electric guitar cases
Solutions to hold up to 20 of your guitars in a small area.

Electric guitar racks, like The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Racks and The Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Case Storage Rack offer practical and organized solutions for musicians and collectors alike. These purpose-built electric multi-guitar racks provide a safe and efficient means of storing electric guitars and their accompanying cases.

Use them in your recording studio, music store, or a stage setup; an electric guitar rack enhances organization and showcases your instruments in style. Their user-friendly design simplifies access to your instruments, ensuring that you can effortlessly select and retrieve the guitar you need without the hassle of unstacking or rearranging.

2. Electric Guitar Stands | Single & Multi-Instrument Solutions

Electric guitar stands are essential for novice and professional musicians, offering a convenient, space-efficient, and protective solution for storing and displaying your instruments.

compilation of three different electric guitar stands
There’s a variety of single and multi-stands to choose from to suit your unique needs.

Among the notable options is The Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand, known for its unique rotating feature that grants easy access to multiple guitars – you can store up to 12 guitars in just 3 ft of space! The 360° rotating base offers effortless access to your instruments from any angle.

The Session™ Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stands, The Session™ Standard and The CrossCurve™ Deluxe Wood Single Guitar Stand are reliable, and <a href="nitro-safe choices for securely holding your instruments, with padded cradles safeguarding against scratches or scuffs.

The RetroRack™ Deluxe 3 Guitar Stand combines functionality with a vintage aesthetic for those seeking an elegant display. You can find it in three different colors: vintage red, green and black.

Whether you have a single electric guitar or a substantial collection, these stands provide practicality, while adding style to your music space.

3. Electric Guitar Case Stands | Ultra-Protective Solutions

Electric guitar case stands, exemplified by The Studio™ Deluxe Case Rack, provide a space-efficient and organized solution for storing and accessing your delicate instruments. These stands are particularly designed to securely hold electric guitar cases, ensuring quick and easy access to your instruments.

The Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack next to a red couch, glass coffee table, and wood cabinet.

They offer offer a practical way to keep your guitar cases upright and within reach, while providing the ultimate protection that only a cased-instrument can obtain. It’s ideal for musicians seeking an organized and protective storage solution.

Tips To Consider for The Storage of Electric Guitars

Properly storing electric guitars is essential to maintain their condition and playability.

Six tips to follow when storing electric guitars:

Use a Hardshell Case or Gig Bag

Consider storing your electric guitar in a hardshell case or a well-padded gig bag when your instrument is not in use. Cases provide the best protection against physical damage, dust, and humidity fluctuations. Gig bags are decent and more portable option for short-term storage.

Maintain a Controlled Environment

Store your guitars in an environment-controlled climate. Aim for a temperature range of 65-75°F (18-24°C) and a relative humidity level of around 45-55%. Avoid the limits in temperature and humidity, as they can harm the instrument.

Keep Your Guitars Upright

When storing your guitars in or out of their cases, keep them upright, with the neck resting on a neck support or cushion provided. This can prevent undue stress on the neck and headstock.

Loosen String Tension

Storing your guitar for an extended period (a while or more), consider loosening the tension on the strings. This can assist in reducing stress on the neck and prevent neck warping. However, you may need to adjust the setup when you restart the guitar after a hiatus.

Regularly Inspect and Maintain

Even when in long-term storage, periodically inspect your guitars for any signs of issues, such as cracks, loose hardware, or changes in action. Clean the instrument, especially the fretboard, to remove dust and sweat residue. Change strings as needed, even if your guitar isn’t being played regularly.

Should Electric Guitars be Stored Flat or Upright?

Electric guitars are best stored vertically, with the body resting on a soft cushion and the neck supported as well.

This position helps prevent warping of the neck and minimizes the risk of physical damage. Storing a guitar flat for extended periods, especially without proper support, can lead to neck issues and other damage over time.


How to Store Your Electric Guitar at Home?

Store your guitar at home by keeping it in a suitable case or stand, away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, humidity fluctuations, hands-y children and curious pets.

Is it Bad to Leave a Guitar Hanging on the Wall?

It’s generally fine to hang a guitar on the wall if you use a proper wall mount or hanger designed specifically for guitars; but definitely avoid hanging it in direct sunlight or areas with extreme temperature and humidity changes.

Will the products mentioned above also hold acoustic guitars?

Yeah they’re built to hold acoustic guitars and electrics too.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Store Your Guitar Properly?

Improper guitar storage can lead to issues such as neck warping, cracks, damage to the finish, and deterioration of strings, impacting playability and reducing the guitar’s lifespan.

What Our Customers Are Saying: Real Reviews from Satisfied Shoppers

  1. Well-made, attractive, and functional. This allows my guitars to be protected in their cases yet quickly accessible. The design handles acoustic and electric cases well, even rectangular cases. It really helps clean up the clutter.

    Terry M

  2. This guitar case stand is perfect. Well made, easy to assemble. I have a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, so I only able to get 7 cases on the stand with pegs separating them. That was just what I needed. Really a much better way to store my guitars than stacking on tables.

    Stephen P

  3. Unlike others here and everywhere, my wife actually enjoys my guitar acquisitions. Therefore, I need some storage, and the more furniture-like the better. Very glad, after all my searches, I found Guitar storage. The "perfect" fit and finish for some of my/our collection. The pic below will show how good "furniture" looks with gorgeous Brazilian acoustics on it. Now, on to the electrics after we find a wall space in this home for them. Order forthcoming and we are elated at the looks, functionality and organization of our fine instruments. Thanks Guitar Storage for the perfect stand!

    Mike T


We’ve explored the top electric guitar storage ideas to ensure your instruments’ longevity, playability, and visual appeal.

From space-efficient shelf systems, to floor stands and case racks; there’s a spectrum of options that cater to every musician and collector’s needs. These storage ideas go beyond mere functionality; they elevate your guitar collection to a new level of sophistication.

Invest in the right storage solution, and your electric guitars will continue to be your faithful companions, inspiring countless melodies for years to come.