Shop Best-In-Class Nitrocellulose Safe Guitar Stands

Featuring Maximum Protection for Delicate Finishes On Your Vintage Instruments

Vintage guitars can have a coating of nitrocellulose finish. Unfortunately many low-grade guitar stands on the market use materials that are NOT compatible with this type of finish and can cause deterioration and discoloration over time that can harm your guitar’s finish and lessen its resale value. Any rubber or petroleum-based products can react with nitrocellulose. So be very cautious when purchasing cheap stands to make sure you know the materials they use are safe.

Fortunately, we offer a series of nitrocellulose safe guitars stands to protect your delicate instruments. We use high-grade non-reactive felt and foam cushioning material, similar to bio-inert materials often used in medical devices. And we line ALL contact points with this material so nothing is left to chance.

All products fit both acoustics and electrics, basses and banjos too. They’re made in the USA by collectors for collectors.

Don’t risk your valuable vintage guitars to anything less. Give them the delicate treatment they deserve. Shop now!

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