Wall Mounted Instrument Hangers

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Wall Mounted Hangers For Guitars, Ukuleles and Mandolins

Why leave your instruments strewn all over your floor and taking up all that space when you can hang ’em up! Or maybe you’re one of those collectors who wants to display your instruments, but also needs to keep them out of the reach of your kids or your pets. Either way, we’ve got just what you need… the best looking wall mounted guitar hangers around. Our selection of single and multiple instrument hooks will fit your acoustics, electrics (hollow or solid body), basses, ukuleles and mandolins. The angled configurations of our hangers let you conserve even more of your wall space. They’re made by skilled AMERICAN craftsmen who are passionate about building you exceptional products. And they make the perfect Christmas gift for any serious guitar collector. In summary, they’ll keep your floor space clear, your spouse happy, and your friends jealous. 🙂


“Living in a super dry climate, the ShowCase Deluxe Display Cabinets are the perfect solution. I had a pair of guitars that would not fit in my climate controlled studio and that I wanted displayed anyway. Lo and behold, the dry air took its toll and the axes had to pay a visit to the luthier. Not sure what to do with them after I had them repaired, I contacted Guitar Storage and was thrilled to know that these display cases have a controlled humidity system as well as a tight gasket to seal the glass door, which is closed by magnet. I can’t speak about these cases without mentioning the ease and precision involved with mounting. Too many times, I have purchased identical frames, shelves, etc. and the mounting hardware or brackets were not placed in the same spot on each, creating additional work, measuring, etc. to get them to line up true. These case were spot-on, identical and precise. Once the first cleat was mounted to the wall, we were able to mount the second one prior to even hanging the first case, due to the exact precision of the construction and placement of the case cleat. I can’t express how important that was. In a nutshell, the ShowCase Deluxe looks amazing, turns the guitars into a conversation piece and will preserve and protect my beloved instruments. “ – Johnny Z.

“Excellent product. The lighting and climate control are outstanding features as is the quality of construction and finish. I have 11 guitars in high end display cases and my 2 Showcase Deluxe Guitar cases stand out among them all. Very impressive. “ – Don S.

“I have been extremely pleased with the wall mount hanger. It looks great, is very sturdy, and it displays my guitars safely. I eventually may need to get another one as my collection grows. “ – Jan P.