Considering Drawers for Guitar Storage? Explore the Pros & Cons First

vintage guitar with worn paint, place in a drawer in a wood cabinet

When it comes to storing guitars, players and collectors have a lot of options you can choose from. As experts in guitar storage, we’ve encountered all sorts of solutions – some truly innovative, some less effective, and some that leave us pondering. Guitar storage drawers are one such solution that has yet to reach a consensus. While they offer an out-of-sight option, the practicality of storing guitars in drawers, while their cases take up space elsewhere, is debatable. This article delves into the pros and cons of using drawers for guitar storage, helping you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

What are Guitar Storage Drawers?

Guitar storage drawers are exactly what they sound like – dresser drawers designed to store guitars lying down, typically built into a cabinet or a custom piece of furniture. These cabinets with built-in drawers can be standalone pieces or integrated into existing furniture, offering a discreet storage option for your instruments. Unlike mass-produced guitar stands or racks, storage drawers are usually custom-made or DIY projects, with few commercial options available. This scarcity is probably due to the niche demand and the additional consideration of storing guitar cases on shelves or in other areas, separate from the drawers.

Pros of Dressers Drawers for Guitar Storage

Space Efficiency: Drawers can be a great way to save floor space, especially in smaller rooms or studios.

Protection: Storing your guitars in drawers can shield them from dust, sunlight, and accidental knocks, helping maintain their condition.

Organization: Drawers provide a neat way to organize your guitars and accessories, keeping everything in one place (except their cases).

acoustic guitar with placed inside the drawer of a white modern cabinet
With the proper cabinet, drawers can provide you a neat and out-of-sight method to organize your instrument collection.

Cons of Guitar Storage Drawers

Accessibility: For homeowners, easy access to your instruments for practice is crucial. And in recording studios, quick accessibility is needed to switch instruments during recording sessions. Drawers may hinder this convenience compared to open multi guitar stands where you can just grab-and-jam.

Humidity Control: Maintaining proper humidity levels is more challenging in closed drawers, which is vital for preserving wooden instruments.

Cost and Customization: Custom or DIY guitar storage dressers can be more expensive and require more effort than off-the-shelf storage options.

Custom Guitar Drawers: Insights from Guitar Forums

If you’re a handy do-it-yourselfer who’s jonesing to build your own custom cabinet with drawers to hold your guitars, you may want to checkout some of the forum discussions that are already out there on the topic. We’ve scoured discussions from various online communities to bring you practical insights directly from fellow guitar acquisition syndrome patients who’ve already ventured into DIY territory.

The Steel Guitar Forum: Unique Storage Ideas

In a thread from The Steel Guitar Forum, members exchanged ideas about unique storage solutions that combine aesthetics with function. One member posted an image resembling a setup similar to that of Vince Gill, consisting of drawers lined like a guitar case. This sparked a conversation about design considerations, practicality, and how to ensure guitars remain a visual feature while being securely stored.

YouTube video Building Guitar Drawers

Over at, the community rallied around a member’s proposal to build slim drawers to stash their instruments. The discussion touched on various aspects, from the potential for added security with locks on each drawer to the risk of not having a sealed environment as provided by traditional cases.

Acoustic Guitar Forum: Climate Control and Design

Members of the Acoustic Guitar Forum focused on the importance of climate control when storing guitars in closed spaces like drawers and cabinets. They discussed how maintaining the right humidity levels is crucial for preserving wooden instruments.

Alternative Guitar Storage Solutions

Given the potential drawbacks of drawers, it’s worth exploring other storage solutions. At, we offer a variety of options tailored to different needs:

Guitar Racks: Ideal for storing multiple guitars in an easily accessible manner.

Stands: Perfect for showcasing individual guitars and ensuring they’re ready to play.

Display Cases: A great way to display guitars while saving floor space.

Each of these alternatives provides a balance of accessibility, protection, and aesthetic appeal, without the complexities of drawer storage.

Choosing the Right Storage Solution for Your Needs

When selecting a guitar storage solution, consider factors like space availability, the number of guitars, budget, and personal preferences. Think about whether you prioritize easy access, protection, or display quality, and choose a solution that aligns with your priorities.

Summing Up: The Verdict on Guitar Storage Drawers

Guitar storage drawers present an interesting option if you’re looking for a hidden storage solution. However, their practicality may be outweighed by challenges in accessibility, humidity control, and the need to store guitar cases separately. Before deciding on dresser drawers, weigh these factors against alternative solutions like racks, stands, and wall hangers. By carefully evaluating your needs and the available options, you can find the perfect storage solution to keep your guitars safe, accessible, and beautifully displayed.

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