Maverick Country Music Magazine Review of Guitar Storage

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maverick magazine review of Guitar Storage

Country musicians and fans tend have some of the best taste in quality guitars and music gear, in my humble opinion. The only obstacle to accumulating a collection of Marty Stuart worthy guitars, other than fame and money, is where and how to do you store them? is an online company that I found based out of Philadelphia, USA.

As a collector and player of guitars myself, I never seem to have enough space in any house I’ve lived in to have a safe and convenient place to keep the cases. And as most of you know the gig bags and cases for your favorite or vintage instruments can be pretty valuable as well.

For review purpose GSC sent me a Guitar Case Storage Rack and their latest Carousel Multi-Guitar stand. Both arrived in boxes ready for assembly. Although I didn’t use a stopwatch to check my time, assembly was quick and easy and all of the parts were wrapped in foam so none of the wood was scratched during shipment. Another feature that surprised me was the only tool they didn’t provide, since hex wrenches are included with the Carousel, was a Philips screw driver.

I completed the Guitar Case Storage Rack first. As soon as it was finished I began testing it with different sizes and shapes of cases and gig bags and all of them fit perfectly. The key to keeping the cases separated are simple moveable dowel rods, placed at the top of the rack, that allow you to separate the distance that you need. My wife was a huge fan since it actually looks like furniture and not something covered with stickers, rubber or black vinyl like most of my music equipment.

maverick country music magazine cover

Next up for assembly was the Carousel Multi-Guitar Stand. Although this product took more assembly time the finished product was really worth the effort. The round shape of the Carousel allows you to place it where other guitar stands can’t fit and the coolest feature is that it spins like a Lazy Susan so you can grab the instrument of your choice and it has a locking dowel rod so you can stop the rotation also. The wood is finished in nitrocellulose so it won’t react to the finish of your instruments and the wool felt is attached to the neck pockets and base so it won’t damage your guitars.

On the model I reviewed six guitars can easily be stored and each instrument is secured in place with a metal retainer at the neck position so they won’t fall out into the floor. The Guitar Storage Company also offers and Expansion Tier for the Carousel stand that attaches to its top allowing you to store twelve acoustic or electric guitars.

GSC’s current product line includes the Carousel Multi-Guitar Stand, Guitar Case Storage Racks, Multiple Guitar Stands, Wall Mounted Guitar, Ukulele and Mandolin Hangers and Twenty Guitar Racks. Guitar Storage products are American made and built to last while maintaining a furniture style aesthetic. Any country musician that has more than two or three instruments laying around the house, in closets or under beds could really benefit from these products.

To see if they might fit your needs check them out online. If you have any questions about different woods or features they offer, simply e-mail them. I can tell you from personal experience they are very customer friendly and will get back to you in a timely manner. Who knew storing your musical instruments could be so much fun?

– Eric Dahl of Maverick Country Music Magazine