The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Rack

Large Capacity Multi-Guitar Stand For Collectors & Studios

IP: Country: US
18 guitars
66 ½” W x 71 ½” H x 29 ½” D
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Up to 20 cases
(case size dependent)
66 ½” W x 71 ½” H x 29 ½” D
Product ID:
9 guitars & up to 10 cases
(case size dependent)
66 ½” W x 71 ½” H x 29 ½” D
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If you're looking for the absolute sturdiest guitar collection storage cart to protect your prized instruments - while being able to easily move them around the room, feast your eyes on the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Rack - made with guitar players, collectors and studios in mind. And whether you have electrics or acoustics, solid or hollow bodies, the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack will support them all.

For you vintage guitar collectors, say goodbye to cases and stands cluttering your space. Say hello to more free square footage than you know what to do with. Say goodbye to flimsy stands and say hello to the sturdiest mobile guitar shelf-system on the market, designed specifically to protect and access the finest, high-end collections. And the best part of it all - your spouse will get off your back about your messy collection, now that it's finally all neat and organized :)

For you music studio owners, as recordings artists come and go from their sessions with all their gear, re-configuring your studio space can be a time-consuming process. Help lessen that chore with the help of this ultimate shelving and storage system on wheels. Not only does this cart let you easily roll up to 20 guitars and/or cases around the studio, but it also helps reduce clutter, saving valuable space in a compact studio setting.

HIGHLIGHTS: The double-brace design design and steel reinforced cross-rails on the case version of this model enables it to support even the heaviest of solid body guitars with ease. The cart's guitar rails feature nitrocellulose-safe felt at every contact point to help protect the finish on your valuable instruments. Specially-designed cradles on the guitar rails keep your instruments 'rock' solid while the rack is on the move. The Session-Pro's heavy-duty casters let you easily push the rack over any flooring surface. The rack is available with either case rails, guitar rails or a combination set of each. It's got that sleek studio look with birch hardwood rails, black high-pressure laminate sides and chrome-tone trim. The case rails include a pick-shaped stop to help keep guitar cases upright.

The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack is very easily assembled with just the hex wrenches (included) and a friend (not included).

Don't risk your prized instruments to other flimsy shelves, any longer. Upgrade your guitar storage method now to the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Rack.

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Q: What materials is this product made from?
A: Black HPL sides with chrome-color trim and birch rails.
Q: What size doorway will this product fit through?
A: Doorways that are as large as 80 inches high and 33 inches wide. Cases and guitars add further height and width depending on their size.
Q: Can this product be assembled by one person?
A: It could. But we strongly advise having someone help to make assembly quicker and easier.
Q: How many cases can I fit on the case rails?
A: The case rails are designed to hold 10 guitars in their cases on each level. You may be able to fit additional cases on each level of case rails; however, if they are solid body or heavy electrics, we don’t recommend more than 10 per level.
Q: Can this product be assembled and used without the wheels?
A: Yes. We provide the wheels just in case the rack needs to be moved around a room but it can certainly be used without the wheels.
Q: Will this product hold rectangular cases?
A: Yes, in the version of this product that accommodates cases, rectangular cases can fit on both the top and bottom shelves.
Q: What holds rectangular cases upright?
A: There is a specially-designed guitar pick-shaped “bookend” that keeps the guitar cases upright and together.
Q: Can the rack be placed directly against the wall?
A: Because the guitars/cases need to lean, you will need a few inches of clearance, anywhere from about 2" to 7" depending on the rack and guitar or case size.
Q: What are the major differences between this product and the similar, yet different, Band Room Double-Stack™?
Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Rack

The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack

USAGE: Ideal for studios and collectors in need of large-capacity storage of high-end guitars and heavier solid body guitars and/or cases.

FEATURES: Dual cross-bracing for extra support. Nitrocellulose-safe felt at all guitar contact points. Specially designed cradles firmly hold guitars in place. Pick-shaped “bookends” hold cases upright and stable.

Twenty Guitar Rack

The Band Room Double-Stack™ (View Here)

USAGE: Ideal for schools, music programs and guitar players in need of large-capacity storage of lighter-weight guitars and/or cases.

FEATURES: An alternate shelf position accommodates small or ¾-size guitars. Vinyl-covered dowels keep guitars upright. Pick-shaped “bookends” hold your cases upright and stable.

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"most magnificent guitar rack""This is the most magnificent guitar rack I have ever seen. It's ginormous yet can be moved around effortlessly, and it was a breeze to assemble. I am very pleased with it." - Simone Y.


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