The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Racks

Large Capacity Multi-Guitar & Case Stands For Collectors & Studios

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  • Multiple shelf configurations: guitars only, cases only or hybrid
  • Securely holds up to 18 guitars or 20 cases
  • Guitar model has uniquely shaped rails to cradle guitars securely
  • Case model features steel-reinforced rails
  • Nitrocellulose-safe materials at all guitar contact points
  • Heavy-duty wheels with brakes
  • Made In USA
  • Dimensions: See SPECS chart below
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Feast your eyes on the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Racks – a super sturdy, superior quality guitar storage shelving system to house and transport your prized instruments. Whether you’re an avid player, a vintage collector, retail shop or recording music studio, the Session-Pro Double-Stack will help you make the most of your limited square footage. Not only does this cart help you conserve valuable floor space in a compact setting, it also gives you the ability to easily move 18 instruments or 20 cases around at a time.

Don’t risk your prized instruments to other flimsy shelves any longer. Upgrade your guitar storage method now to the Session-Pro Double-Stack.


The Session-Pro Double-Stack is designed to hold most styles of electrics or acoustics, solid or hollow bodies, and basses too.


● CASES ONLY – Designed to hold up to 20 cases. Features steel-reinforced cross-rails which enable it to support heavy instrument cases. Includes two pick-shaped “bookends” to keep cases upright and stable. Vinyl edging on the rails help protect from scuffing.

● GUITARS ONLY – Holds 18 guitars. Features uniquely designed cradles that keep your instruments ROCK-solid when moving the shelves.

● HYBRID – This version has a shelf that holds up to 10 cases and a shelf that holds 9 guitars.


The Session-Pro is a nitrocellulose-safe guitar stand. All instrument contact points are covered with non-reactive felt. Why? Because some vintage guitars can have a nitrocellulose finish which can react with rubber or petroleum-based products. Many guitar stands on the market use materials that are NOT compatible with this type of finish and can cause deterioration and discoloration that can harm your guitar. So be very cautious when purchasing stands to make sure you know the materials they use are safe.


The Session-Pro comes with a sturdy rolling chassis, sporting heavy-duty wheels for added strength and security when moving the rack around your space. And wheel brakes allow you to lock the rack in position when you want it to stay put.


All Session-Pro Double-Stacks are made in the USA, designed and built to last by a passionate team of people who deeply care about your satisfaction. They feature sleek looking black high-pressure laminate sides with a chrome-look edge trim and attractive “F”-hole cutouts. The cross-rails are hardwood birch, reinforced by a double-brace design.


The Session-Pro Double-Stack is easily assembled with just the hex wrenches (included) and a friend (not included).


Need further re-assuring? Read our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (click RETURNS tab above for details).


CAPACITY18 guitars, basses or banjos20 cases (case size dependent)9 guitars +
10 cases (case size dependent)
DIMENSIONS66 ½" W x 71 ½" H x 29 ½" D66 ½" W x 71 ½" H x 29 ½" D66 ½" W x 71 ½" H x 29 ½" D


Q: What are the major differences between this product and the Band Room Double-Stack™ Guitar Shelves?
A: The Session-Pro Double-Stack is ideal for studios and collectors in need of large-capacity storage of high-end guitars and heavier solid body guitars and/or cases and features extra support brackets and nitrocellulose-safe neck holders. On the other hand, the Band Room Double-Stack is ideal for schools, music programs and guitar players in need of large-capacity storage of lighter-weight guitars and/or cases.
Q: Do you accept purchase orders?
A: Yes we do! Contact us for further details.
Q: Does the listed height of 71 ½” H inches include the wheels?
A: Yes it does.
Q: How many inches will the the guitar cases extend above the height of the rack?
A: It can vary somewhat depending on the case model but in general we suggest approximately 7-8″ for ceiling clearance.
Q: How many inches of space are needed between the rack and the wall so that the cases do not rub against the wall?
A: It can vary somewhat depending on the case model but in general we suggest you leave approximately 6″ of space.
Q: What materials is this product made from?
A: Black HPL sides with chrome-color trim and birch rails.
Q: What size doorway will this product fit through?
A: Doorways that are as large as 80 inches high and 33 inches wide. Cases and guitars add further height and width depending on their size.
Q: Can this product be assembled by one person?
A: It could. But we strongly advise having someone help to make assembly quicker and easier.
Q: How many cases can I fit on the case rails?
A: The case rails are designed to hold 10 guitars in their cases on each level. You may be able to fit additional cases on each level of case rails; however, if they are solid body or heavy electrics, we don’t recommend more than 10 per level.
Q: Can this product be assembled and used without the wheels?
A: Yes. We provide the wheels just in case the rack needs to be moved around a room but it can certainly be used without the wheels.
Q: Will this product hold rectangular cases?
A: Yes, in the version of this product that accommodates cases, rectangular cases can fit on both the top and bottom shelves.
Q: Will this hold bass cases?
A: Rectangular bass cases can be used on the top shelf. They will not fit on the bottom shelf.
Q: What holds rectangular cases upright?
A: There is a specially-designed guitar pick-shaped “bookend” that keeps the guitar cases upright and together.
Q: If I already purchased this product, and want to switch to a different configuration (cases only vs guitars only vs both) can I order a different set of rails?
A: Yes, you can. Please contact us when you are ready.

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  1. Great unit, looks great, sturdy and easy to assemble. Great people to work with.

    Scott O. (verified owner)

  2. Outstanding rack. A bit much to put together without help and will not roll through normal home doorways, so built to stay in my in-home music room. Would be nice if there was simple breakdown to reduce width for moving

    Doug T.

  3. The rack is extremely well built and super sturdy. You can trust your guitars to it.

    When you order you should keep in mind that the rack is quite large and will dominate the room. Make sure the height of your room’s ceiling can accommodate the height of the rack including the heavy duty size wheels.

    The owners were very helpful getting a snafu with my bank straightened out even though I placed my order on a weekend.

    The customer service that these folks exhibited was nothing short of exemplary. I highly recommend this product.

    Steve S.

  4. Great space saving storage unit. Easy to assemble and I have recommended this to my friends in need

    Bill F.

  5. I purchased a 20 case guitar storage unit and I was extremely pleased! Nice customer service, the product was sturdy, and pretty easy to put together. Just had to get it all upstairs! Very satisfied with the purchase, and the entire process. I recommend highly.

    Becky M.

  6. I’ve had my double stack for the case’s only for a while now. First, the quality of the material is excellent. the setup was easy and the system holds my cases out of the way, freeing up room space. I love it.

    Donald P.

  7. Great Guitar Storage…. showcase my guitar collection beautifully

    Christinne H.

  8. This stand exceeded my expectations. It is very high quality and holds all of my guitars. It has saved me a lot of space and I can even keep some gear underneath it as well. Highly recommended!

    Aaron S. (verified owner)

  9. This is a really big (tall) unit, and should fit all of our instruments on it. It was not too challenging to assemble. The wheels really help make this maneuverable. The wood pieces seem to be good quality. The black covered mdf sides had a couple minor defects that were cosmetic. We just hid those with black permanent marker. I expect it to last a long time unless people decide to climb on it.

    Kelly G. (verified owner)

  10. Super high quality product, relatively straight forward to assemble, looks beautiful in our hallway, clients and staff are loving it!

    Matt M. (verified owner)

  11. Great stand to store a collection of guitars. Excellent customer service!
    Thank you.

    Gregory E. (verified owner)


“most magnificent guitar rack”“This is the most magnificent guitar rack I have ever seen. It’s ginormous yet can be moved around effortlessly, and it was a breeze to assemble. I am very pleased with it.” – Simone Y.

“nicely organized”“Thanks a lot for sending the product so fast. I received it on Saturday and my guitars went from being a total mess to a nicely organized setting now. Greetings from Japan!” – A.B.

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